Thursday, April 19, 2012

Goodbye Perry

I am sad to report that Perry has passed away.
You have known him as a frequent character featured with Charlotte in some of my posts but he was so much more.

A few weeks ago we brought him to the vet because he was not eating and he had peed his bed.
I know that sounds silly but it was very unusual so it drew our attention.
He also seemed to lose control of his bowls going to the bathroom in the house which he never did.
Christopher and I took him to the vet and they sent him home with an antibiotic and some special dog food.
But he never got better.
In fact he got worse.
His stomach bloated.
He wasn't very interested in playing.
He slept a lot......well a lot more.
We took him back to the vet to insist they do x-rays or something.
It was determined that he had cancer in his liver.
The vet recommended we take him to see another Vet to confirm the diagnosis.
The new Vet gave us the same news only worse because he said that Perry was in a lot of pain.
That the tumors were not operable.
he could stop the bleeding but not the cancer.

Telling Christopher that his dog died was one of the hardest things I have had to do.
This dog was his best friend.
His constant companion.
His protector.
His partner in crime.

If my phone or camera was left unattended I was guaranteed to find a thousand photos like the one above under photos or saved to the memory card. 

I have had many dogs in my life.
I have never seen a dog and a boy love each other like Christopher and Perry.

I will miss the giggles when they were doing something they shouldn't.
I will miss the comfort of knowing that my son had someone to keep his from being lonely after Amber left for college.
I will miss the laughter that was heard throughout the house whenever Perry did something funny....which was often he was a really funny dog.

It's quiet in our house right now.
Everyone is sad.
And yes eventually we will get another dog.
But I say this with sincere honesty there will never be another dog that can take the place of Perry.

So goodbye boy.
Thank you for bringing so much joy to my sons heart.
For his happiness during your time with us I will be forever grateful.


A Beer for the Shower said...

As a pet owner that's one of the worst feelings in the world: knowing that you'll never have that friend around to lick your face again. Perry looks like he was a great dog. We're very sorry to hear about your loss.

Andrew Leon said...

I'm so sorry. I don't even have words.

Muriel said...

I am so sorry for your loss. Take Care.

Unknown said...

Aw, so sorry!!!!!!! :(

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