Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy Belated Siblings Day

Did you know that April 10th was Siblings Day?

I didn't but I just heard someone say it on the radio and then I saw it on the internet it must be true.

From the Siblings Day Foundation website

iblings Day is a day where brothers and sisters reflect upon each other; enjoy time together or a phone call; in some cases, a day of truce and more understanding; or for others a day of love and appreciation.

In honor of Siblings Day I would like to reflect (belatedly) on my siblings with a thank you for things they have done... TO me

William - I would like to thank you for using your magical powers to make my warts disappear before I started first grade. I don't care what anyone says it was not the painful acid treatments I had at the doctors office it was the magic you performed by drawing a picture of the wart. Spitting on the picture and then burning the picture in an ashtray. I also want to thank you for hiding me from Mom when I did something I wasn's supposed to do. For reading IT aloud to Peter and I and basically scaring the shit out of us. For betting me at the age of 13 that I would not chop all of my hair off and then paying up when I actually did. For these things I thank you!

Kevin - Thank you for wanting to be my Godfather and for agreeing to be Amber's and not because you look like you could be in the movie The Godfather. Thank you for making me an aunt and the ripe old age of four. For taking Peter and I up the mountains and then getting mad when we were mean to little Kevin. Thank you for making me clotheslines poles because Chris wouldn't and for making sure Amber always has a supply of the maple syrup she loves. 

Jim - Thank you for the self esteem boosting nickname "Lurch" when I was a tall gangly, gawky preteen. Thank you for coming to all of my field hockey games and video taping them for prosperity. For taking me to Flyers games and not being embarrassed when I drooled all over the glass at Peter Zezel. Thank you.

Michael - Thank you for obviously answering my call for donuts and bringing them promptly to me. For not filing charges against me for the bell jingling incident. For letting me play hockey with you and your friends even though I was a girl and eleven years younger. Thank you for the dinner and horror movie nights and for taking me to my first zombie movie. And for the fact that we can scream and yell at each other one minute and then act like nothing happened the next. Thanks.

Debbie - I want to thank you for being a wonderful older sister. For buying me the Communion Dress I wanted. For taking me to get measured for my first bra. Thank you for letting me and my friends hang out in your apartment and for not getting mad when I hid all of your creepy clown items....I mean my God why did you have those?? Thank you for trusting me to watch your first born son and not getting too upset when you realized that he liked me better than you. For being the sweetest and least confrontational of us all I say Thank you.

Judy - Thank you for dropping me on my head...on the concrete pavement. For holding a pillow on my face and then singing the song "Don't cry out loud" because you know why should I cry when you were just playing around. For calling me on my bullshit during those tough teen years, the terrible twenties, the crazy thirties and soon to be forties. For your endless monetary donations which I will never pay back. For being my best friend thanks.

Theresa - Thank you for being my security blanket. For not killing me when I made you come in early because I was ready to go to bed when all you wanted to do was be with your friends. Thank you for buying me one of the dolls that were so special they were kept in a glass case behind the counter. For letting me live with you and Debbie in your apartment until Dad found out and made me come home. For saving Amber's life those couple of times when I was going to kill her and I called you and said come to my house or I am going to kill her and you came and brought Mom and didn't laugh when I was sitting in my closet crying because it was either do that or kill Amber.....Amber should probably thank you for that as well. For taking me to the hospital when I had all of those heart attacks that were really panic attacks. Thanks.

Anne - Thank you for taking me to see Purple Rain when you knew Dad said I wasn't allowed to see it and it ended up being the greatest movie ever and I love it still to this day. For letting me and Katina smoke cigarettes all summer when you being a responsible baby sitter. For letting me and Kathleen O'Brien visit you when you lived in North Carolina. For not laughing too hard at Kathleen and I when we were visiting and assumed you lived on a military base and thought we needed military id to buy soda at a local store. Thank you for our staying up all night rituals in the summer. For flirting with the lifeguard so I could stay for the adult swim time at the public pool.  For making me think I was cool. Thanks.

Mark - Thanks for not killing me when I would throw myself on the floor or punch myself and tell Dad you did it. For not killing me for crying to Mom when you were splashing me when I was already wet. For not laughing too hard when I cut my hair really short and then our neighbor kept thinking I was you. Thank you for coming to get me when Dad died and holding my hand the entire way to the hospital. Thank you.

Peter - Thank you for being the greatest little brother ever. For not telling on me and Kathleen and Karen when we almost killed you playing Olympics. Thank you for being exactly the right amount of annoying a little brother should be. For being my rainy day best friend and my sunny day enemy. For not getting offended when I pretended I didn't know you in the halls in high school. Thank you for giving Monica a hickey so everyone could laugh when I asked her in health class who she got the hickey from. Thank you for always acting like you are my older brother instead of my little brother because thats not  ALL annoying. For always answering the phone when I call and talking about all of our other siblings because they may be WAYYYYYY older than us be we know a hell of a lot more than them. Thanks

Little Kevin - you aren't really my sibling but you have always been more of a little brother than nephew so I will include you in this......Thank you for embarrassing me by calling me Aunt Jenn in the school yard because having a first grader call you Aunt Jenn when you are only in forth grade is so awesome. Thank you for being a giant tattletale and telling on Peter and I every time we did anything remotely fun. Like throwing mud at you or singing "Sugar ah honey honey" or running away from you because we didn't feel like letting you tag along. Thank you for wearing peach colored sweaters in school pictures because they were great to laugh at then and now. Thank you for being a crybaby and getting all upset when I tease you on facebook. Thanks.

So Happy belated siblings day.
Hug your sibling today and be glad you have their help in surviving in this crazy life.


Andrew Leon said...

Wow, that's awesome what you did there.

Muriel said...

What a happy family! I only have one brother, so i was a bit jealous...

Unknown said...

Love it! You'reso lucky to have such a wonderful fam!

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