Friday, March 30, 2012

Amber wants me to tell you she is awesome

I was asking my Facebook friends who also are loyal blog readers to give me ideas of what they would like me to write about here on my blog.
All of their ideas were really terrible and it made me wonder why the hell I am Facebook friends with these people.

Because I feel obligated to write about at least one of their suggestions I decided to go with Amber's.....because she is my child.

Amber suggested I write about how awesome she is.
I reminded her that I had already done a post on how cool she is but she felt awesome was a much better description.

So here are my top five reasons Amber is so awesome.

1. She will be interning/working at Disney World from May-January - This is awesome because she is saving me a shit ton of money on tuition and rent. I will also not be receiving any can you please pay my cable bill texts because cable is provided as well as housing and classes. She will have a job so I won't have to say every time she asks me for money...."did you find a job yet?" upon which she whines and hangs up and posts this on my Facebook page.

2. She is the wolds worst liar - Look I am not proud of being a good liar but its a little disappointing that as my child she is so bad at it. I think what makes her awesome is that even though she is terrible at it she keeps trying to improve by lying constantly. 

3. She is very......very lazy - Why is this awesome because I never had to chase her as a child. She would start to run but then get tired and just sit down. I also pretty much know where she is at all times....her bed. She will get up. Take a shower. Do her hair. Put on her makeup. Get all dressed. And then lay in bed for the rest of the day. She's like the grandparents in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. 

4. On the weekends she sends me texts that simply say...."I am alive". She does this to let me know that her illegal consumption of alcohol has not killed her. She knows I do not approve. But she is responsible enough to tell me she is anyway and that it didn't kill her.

5. She says I look like the evil Mom from Tangled - Why is this awesome? Its not its mean and she should treat her mother with a little more respect. After all Mother Knows Best!

Well there you have it folks. 
Now you know how awesome my daughter is..........


Anonymous said...

Awesome! That's the world, lucky the text "I am alive", something I used to do too.

Fabulous week-end to all!

Andrew Leon said...

What I want to know is why you're not -my- FB friend. I would never give you bad suggestions for blog topics while keeping all the good ones to myself.

Jennifer Prescott said...

Oh, Amber amuses me very much!

Unknown said...

so fun... when i started reading this i thought, i remember previous post on how Amber is awesome! :)
i need that just get a job pic to put on PhotoBoy's page, only he'd possibly disown me for trying to talk to him on FB. I'm laying off it lately. Sort of. :)

Great post, Amber is awesome!

Muriel said...

It looks like Amber has a lot to go for her. My younger one wakes up at 6.00 am every day. I wish I could take Amber and you would take mine? What do you think?

Jennifer said...

Marie - Thanks I am very lucky she keeps me entertained.

Andrew - Good question. Probably because you have never sent me a friend request.

Jenny - Would you like to have her? I am considering renting her.

Stacey - hahaha you should just print it out and hang it on the refrigerator or something.

Muriel - Well I know Amber would love that idea as she has every intention of moving to London after she graduates.

Jenny Woolf said...

She sounds great! I mean, awesome. Your post made me laugh :D

Personally I think the evil Mom looks rather cool.

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