Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bigfoot is real

I believe in many things that others do not.

I believe in ghosts/spirits.
I believe in aliens or that there is life on other planets.
I believe there will be a zombie apocalypse.
I believe in the Mothman.
And I believe in Bigfoot.

One of my favorite shows to watch is Finding Bigfoot.
It's on the Animal Planet Chanel.

But the real reason I believe in Bigfoot is because my nephew saw two Bigfoot 
or two Bigfoots as he called them.

I know when you think nephew you are thinking a little kid like this.

But my nephew is actually almost 36 years old and looks like this
He is covering his bald spot with a hat in this picture.

My family owns property in the Susquehanna Mountains.
Its located near a small town called Montrose, PA and not far from Binghamton, NY.
It is a very remote location used mainly for hunting.
The roads are primarily dirt roads that take you down very deserted areas where you have vast woods on either side of the road. Because of its location it gets very very dark at night. There are no street lights.
 And homes are set so far apart and built back so far from the road that you will not get any lights from regular home use spilling out onto the road. 
Basically I am saying it is goddamn dark up there and creepy!
Think Blair Witch Project.

Every November my brothers and nephews congregate at the various houses they own in these mountains 
to hunt deer. 

Legend has it that my nephew...we will call him Kevin
because that's his name.
So Kevin could not leave from Philadelphia to make the three hour trek to the mountains with the rest of the crew because he had work.
At the time he worked for the county prison and was on the 3 to 11pm shift.
So Kevin packed his car and went diligently to work.
After his shift was over he headed straight for the mountains.
The ride was smooth and he was excited to shoot some deer and play Yatzee.
The time was about 1:30 am when he passed through the little town of Montrose.
It was dark and eerily quiet. 
He knew that he was now heading into the lonely roads of the deep woods.
Kevin is and has always been a bit of a chicken.
As he drove the winding dirt road up the steep mountain 
with only the light of the full moon to light his path.
He tried to not scare himself with thoughts of the dark.
He started to decelerate because he knew he was coming around a particularly curvy spot in the road. 
Just as he was making the turn he suddenly saw two large creatures running across the road. 
They were not going very fast and neither was he as it is very dangerous to drive these roads at a high rate of speed. 
The creatures were tall.
One standing maybe seven feet the other six.
The entire bodies were covered in long brownish hair.
Arms dangling long due to the slight hunch of their posture.
Instinct lead Kevin to brake upon seeing these creatures in the road. 
As you would for a deer or person.
But when the creatures looked at him.
Their black eyes locking onto his.
His pulse began to quicken and sweat rolled from his full head of black hair.
Yes this was several years ago when he had hair.
They did not stop and as soon as he released all of the urine from his bladder he laid on the gas and flew the rest of the way to the house where his uncles and father awaited his arrival.
He sprinted from the car and crashed through the door.
Sweating, panting and even crying a little.

He told his tale of the Bigfoots to his uncles and father.

And so that is the legend of the Bigfoots.

What he never told anyone is that when he went into the woods the next day to hunt the Bigfoots appeared below his tree stand. 
They talked for a bit and Kevin realized they weren't so scary. 
They became fast friends and now he visits in the summer during mating season.
I don't know why during mating season but thats when he goes.
The last time he was there someone caught this photo of them together.

Have a wonderful wednesday


Andrew Leon said...

Bigfoots or Bigfeet?

Jennifer said...

Andrew I personally think it should be Bigfoot whether there is one or twelve kind of like deer. But my nephew said Bigfoots so that is why its the legend of the Bigfoots instead of just Bigfoot.

Jennifer Prescott said...

Wow, I read this on the edge of my seat! Terrifying and amusing all in one!

JoLynne Lyon said...

I love this story! And I want to believe.

Elliot Grace said...

...more than one bigfoot would most definitely be considered, bigfoots, or something a bit more catchy, a family of Squatch, for instance.

I never miss an episode of Finding Bigfoot. We live about an hour north of Salt Fork State Park, one of the spots that Matt Moneymaker and the gang went squatching a short time ago.

I agree, they're out there...somewhere ;)


Muriel said...

What a scary story...Do you think that he became bald as a result?

Unknown said...

kick ass post! :)

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