Monday, March 26, 2012

Fifty Shades of

If you are a follower of all things book related than you have heard of Fifty Shades of Grey.

An erotic novel by E.L James.
If you are not a follower of all things book related I am sure you have heard about it too.
Apparently Ms. James started the book as a Twilight fan-fiction piece. 
I will be honest I do not see the similarity at all but........
Anyway the trilogy 
book one Fifty Shades of Grey 
book two Fifty Shades Darker
book three Fifty Shades Free
has become a phenomenon.
And good for Ms. James.
I love to see a self published author do well!
It gives hope to writers who would like to be published someday whether it be self published or traditionally published.

But I have to be honest......I didn't like it.
It has nothing to do with the fact that it is erotic fiction.
I have read my share and I am not ashamed to say it.
Anne Rice writing as A.N Roquelaure
wrote an extremely hot well written erotic trilogy
The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty
Beauty's Punishment
Beauty's Release 

I can not say for sure what it is that I didn't like.
I read it after hearing all of the hype about how incredible it was and I think that might be why I was disappointed. Which happens a lot with books and movies when they get so much attention.
I found the main character Anastasia Steele to be extremely annoying.
I did not think Christian Grey was hot I thought he was quite frankly and asshole.
Maybe its the feminist in me but I am pretty sure I would punch him in the face if he were an actual person.
I need to like the characters to like the book and I just didn't.
If you are interested in reading erotica there are a TON of 99 cent ebooks that will rock your world.
Or buy the Anne Rice trilogy.
Or buy these and support an indie author......whatever.

Here is what my problem is with all of this Grey hullabaloo
Its on the New York Times Bestsellers list?
I get that its popular and all but I have read a ton of books this past year that did not make it on that list that were a hell of a lot better.
better written, better character development and much more entertaining.

I'm probably going to get a bunch of hate mail for saying this but....whatever
And sorry to my family who reads my blog
 but maybe I didn't find it as enthralling and best seller worthy as everyone else
I am fulfilled and satisfied in my real life .......if you get what I am saying ;)

Have a happy monday everyone!


Unknown said...

Good to know! I totally need to read some good erotic fiction as i'm about to write some hot & heavy scenes in my book. Thanks for the heads up. :)

Andrew Leon said...

I haven't heard of this.

Best seller doesn't mean good; it just means a bunch of people bought it.

A Beer for the Shower said...

I've never heard of this, but all you had to say was "it started as Twilight fan-fiction" and I instantly knew it was garbage. Except instead of 2 shades of grey (Bella, who has no emotions whatsoever outside of yearning and lust) there are 50. Instant best seller!!!

(There, now the hate mail can come to us instead) :)

Muriel said...

I hadn't heard of it. I think that I must live in a bubble!

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