Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Walking Dead .......I love you

Amber said I am not abiding by the designated Spoiler rules.
So I will not be posting my summary of Episode 12 Better Angels.
Even though it was epic.
Even though it was awesome.
Even though I watched it twice.

Instead please enjoy these photos that I got from the AMC Walking Dead website.

Now that didn't spoil anything did it?

Have a terrific tuesday.


Andrew Leon said...

Are you trying to make me watch this show? That was worse than you just telling me what happened.
Did you read Dead God, yet?

Liz Schulte's Blog said...

Best show...possibly ever. Holy crap these last two episodes, wow. I cannot wait for the finale though I know I will be sad about the break.

Jennifer said...

Andrew - Yes I am trying to make you watch this show. It is beyond awesome. No I did not start reading it yet. I am just finishing up Dean Koontz's 77 Shadow Street. It is next on my list......will I like it??

Jennifer said...

Liz - I know!!!!! I love this show so so much. I am eagerly anticipating the finale but I hate the thought of waiting until October or whenever for it to come back on. Thank God I have the last two seasons sitting on my DVR I will be re-watching them all summer.

Unknown said...

Aw... Love your recaps even though i'm a season behind, and yes, it's great!

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