Monday, March 5, 2012

Walking Dead. In case you didn't know....I hate Shane

Spoiler Alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I forgot to put that on my last post about the Walking Dead and people were MAD! 
Sorry geez. Relax.

So on last nights episode titled Judge, Jury, Executioner
Daryl interro-tortures the Randall the captive.
I don't like this kid.
He creeps me out.
So I am not sad that Daryl is kicking the crap out of him.
Amber who is home on break and is watching with me feels differently.
She feels sorry for the kid. I tell her to be quiet while she is in the Mom cave.
She puts on a frowny face......but I ignore her.
Anyway so Daryl goes back to the group and says he thinks he is bad news.
Rick decides the kid has to die for the safety of the group.
Of course Shane aka lets kill everybody aka lunatic agrees.
So does everyone else except Dale.
Dale convinces Rick to allow him to talk to the rest of the group 
to see if he can convince them to let the kid live.
So who does Dale go to first?
Crazy ass Andrea.
What the hell Dale, will you please get over your fatherly obsession with this crazy bitch?
So Dale asks crazy Andrea to guard Randall basically from Shane while he gets the input from the group.
Andrea agrees and while sitting there Shane wanders by comments on the fact that Andrea wouldn't stop him if he wanted to go in there and then says Rick is never going to follow through and that basically Rick is the cause of all of their problems. 
So Andrea quietly walks behind Shane and puts a bullet through his arrogant, insane, blood thirsty head.
And then shoots herself........
That actually didn't happen but I wish it did.
Meanwhile that son of a bitch carl who seriously needs to get his ass beat climbs into the barn and is all like hey prisoner whats up? Even though everyone including nutjob Shane told him to stay the hell out of there.
Randall starts begging Carl to help him and saying how he didn't do anything and Carl starts walking toward first I thought oh shit he is going to shoot Randall himself but then Shane comes running in and shoves his gun in Randall's face because he is tough like that.
He yells at Carl like he has some kind of right and than send the kid on his way.
Dale goes to Daryl about Randall but Daryl is all....this group is broken. He says he doesn't care either way what happens. Dale is sad because he is the last human being in the group.....I added that part but its true.
Rick is tying and noose and Lori, who is really starting to grate on my nerves walks in all like Oh my God is that how you are going to kill him? And blah blah blah I have an opinion and I will manipulate you to do what I want by making you think it is your idea.....I recognize this tactic as I use it quite frequently to get my husband to do things my way.......She then asks about Shane and stupidly Rick responds that Shane won't be a problem.....Oh Rick how I love your stupid naive ways.
Carl tries to be all badass with Carol about Sophia and that does not make her happy she tells Rick and Lori that their son is a rude little jerk.
Dale wanders around trying to get someone just anyone to join his humanity team 
but ehhh no one is interested.
Carl happens upon a gun while snooping in Daryl's camp..... but he puts it right back because he almost died from getting shot.....nope I added that he is a moron and instead takes the gun and guess what he does? Wanders into the woods....where there are zombies and where he was shot and where Sophia was lost and then zombified.....but you whatevs he is cool and shit.
*****Meanwhile right at this moment of shear anxiety over Carl's stupidity....Amber leaves to go out with her friends and asks me to text her what happens to Carl.....but I won't because she should be staying home with me instead to be her she will have to watch it to find out what happens.

Back to this.....Guess what happens?
Yep you are right he runs into a walker aka zombie and starts to run  away but then he realizes that the things feet are stuck in the mud so he does what any normal kid would do....he throws rocks at it.
He keeps getting closer and closer and than finally pulls the gun. But the zombie unsticks itself and grabs him by the leg. He gets away and I want to go through the television and beat his little ass.
Back at the farm they meet about Randall and dale begs, pleads and begs again but the only one to come to his side is Andrea which is kind of weird but I am glad she did.
The decision is made Randall must die.
As the sun sets Rick, Shane and Daryl drag Randall to the barn to be executed.
Randall begs for his life and in walks no one watching this kid??????
He says "dad do it" because he has been hanging around with Shane too long.
And Rick puts down his gun and tells Daryl to take him back to the holding barn/slaughter barn.
Shane has his I knew it face .....which I just can't stand
Rick goes back and tells the camp that they will be holding the prisoner for now.
Lori looks kind of disappointed but tells Rick its ok.
Andrea runs off to find Dale to tell him the news.
Dale is walking through the field when he hears an injured animal.
Its a cow whose stomach is completely ripped open.
As he turns to run the walker tackles him and proceeds to very grossly and what appears to be very painfully rip Dale's stomach the way its the walker that Carl was messing with in the woods.
Dale screams.....obviously are head back at the camp and everyone starts running toward the screams. 
Carl is told to go directly to the house and lock the doors.

Daryl gets there and stabs the walker in the head.
Andrea is holding Dale who is like gutted....its so gross and awesome but mostly gross.
Hershel comes and pronounces dale unmove-able/ unsave-able.
Carl is there because you know his parents told him to go lock himself in the house but why should he listen to them......he sees that its the same walker and then runs to his mommy crying......what a sissy.
Everyone realizes dale is in pain and suffering so he should be put out of his misery. 
Rick can't do it so Daryl puts the gun to Dale's head. Dale moves his head closer so that the gun is pressed against it. His way of telling Daryl this is what he wants? 
And Daryl says sorry brother. He fires. The screen goes to black.

Another great episode. There are only two episodes left.....that makes me very sad.

Have a happy monday!


Unknown said...

I sure wish I had cable so I could watch this season 'with' you! :)

Jennifer said...

Me too Stacey!

Unknown said...

I am inviting you to the Online Friends blog hop that I am co-hosting. Please stop by.


dandelionfleur said...

Looks like a cool show!

Andrew Leon said...

I will never actually need to watch this show, now.

jmacom1 said...

Anyone else wish Shane died before Dale? I, for one, did not want to see Dale go for a while. In the comic, Shane dies in the 6th issue, when he aims the gun at Rick in the woods (like in the show); then Carl shoots him through the neck. Now they're just dragging him out. The show is at about the 14th issue of the comic. Kill him already!

A Beer for the Shower said...

So, Dale didn't die until way later in the comics and this kinda made me sad. I get the "fight for the right to live and then die" juxtaposition, but just felt like it was kind of a lame death in the end. And wtf was with Carl being such an obnoxious rebel out of nowhere? Otherwise, I'm glad to see they're not afraid to kill characters off. But still, no Dale and Andrea? Kind of lame, even though I'd rather not see the gross age-defying love story. Still, better than the first half of the season...

Jennifer said...

I think I need to get my hands on these comics!

Muriel said...

You are such an expert! I wish I could watch it with you!

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