Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Boston....Bruins, Books and Bagpipes

This past weekend we took a nice weekend trip to Boston.

The boy has a little obsession with Boston.
Probably because his sister does.
And probably because when he thinks Boston he thinks Irish.
And although his Dad considers himself Polish (which he is half).
The boy considers himself Irish (which he is half on my side and half on his Dad's).
It's funny how we take on certain aspects of our heritage.
I am Italian/German on my Mother's side and Irish on my Father's.

My brother Peter says he is irish...... as do his children.

My brother Kevin leans more to the Italian 
probably because he looks like
 James Galdolfini from The Soprano's.....pinky ring and all.
                                                Kevin                               James

I think in general most people say they are what their father is so irish would be the right choice in our family. I personally say I am American but I always have to be different or difficult it depends whom you are talking to.

We were not really brought up with strong Irish or Italian traditions it was actually 
a pretty good mix of both.

Because the boys birthday is coming up 
and it was Saint Patrick's Day
and the Bruins were hosting the Flyers
Chris decided that a nice little trip to Boston would be a good idea.
And he was right.
We had a great time.
Boston was such a nice city filled with history and a lot of people wearing green.
There are a ton of Irish pubs....none of which we could get into because the boy is only 9.
Amber, Christopher and I are Drop Kick Murphy fans so it was cool to be in the city from where they are from. At the Bruins game they play Shipping up to Boston in the 3rd period and the sound of the crowd singing along was very cool.
The Flyers lost in a shoot out but thats okay because they beat the Penguins in Philly the next day!

We did a lot of sightseeing. 
But my favorite was a visit to 
Brattle Book Shop.
It is one of the oldest and largest book shops.
Established in 1825.
It has three floors.
The first two are filled with used books and the third floor has rare books.
It also has a nice outdoor sale lot.

Please enjoy the photos of our visit to Brattle Book Shop

It being St Patrick's day and all a lot of the local restaurants had bagpipers.....is that a word?
outside of their restaurants.
I love the bagpipes so we stopped to listen whenever we saw one.

Getting to Boston from Philly or rather the suburbs of Philly was pretty easy.
Now that Chris has seen how easy it is I think I can convince him to take me to Nantucket this summer.
I hope anyone
After all is it the year of Jenny......since I am turning 40 in April I have dubbed it the year of Jenny.

Well have a wonderful day everyone!


Andrew Leon said...

I loved Boston the one time I was there. I'd really like to go back some day.
Have you been to see the USS Constitution?

Unknown said...

your brother IS James Gandolfini.... :) you can't hide it any more.....
I'm just saying!

Jennifer said...

Andrew - yes we did go over to see the USS Constitution.

Stacey - Don't tell anybody. I would hate to be treated differently because my brother is a celebrity....hahaha

Adam said...

I don't much details on the nationalities of my heritage. I know a good chunk is from Great Britian's lands for sure, but other than that not so much. It's funny how one generation fails to pass it along

Muriel said...

Believe it or not, I have never been to Boston but always wanted to go...It looks really nice! As for the nationalities of my heritage, it would be French-French-French...italian.
But I will soon be British. Go figure.
Oh, and I am also turning 40 in Nov. You are ahead of me (tell me how it feels!)

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