Friday, November 4, 2011

Five Creepy Things That Aren't Meant To Be Creepy

I love to watch television as you all are well aware.
While watching the other night a McDonald's commercial came on.
Obviously Ronald is a clown so hello creepy but I am sure he doesn't mean to be.
So I stated thinking about things that I think are creepy but that maybe aren't meant to be.
Here are my top five things in no particular order.....

The Burger King - So creepy. With the giant plastic head and the molded creepy smile. Yikes! I get chills just thinking about it. The commercial where the guy wakes up and the Burger King is in his bed gives me nightmares!

Facebook Friend Requests - As a rule I do not accept friend requests from people I do not know. And when I say "know" I mean "like". I do not see a point in being Facebook friends with people I would not actually be friends with. Occasionally I will get a friend request from a complete stranger. This is extremely creepy. And I am sure the requester does not mean it to be. Why would you want to be my friend if you do not know me and you live in Florida and I live in Pennsylvania? I recently received one of these requests from a very creepy gentleman who added a message to the request. It said "Can I know you?" not "Do I know you?" but can I......soooooo creepy. Really dude? I responded "No you can not" and deleted his request. I then boosted security on my house because I am pretty sure he is a serial killer who works as a clown on weekends.

Gnomes - They are cute. So cute that they made a cute little movie about them. Really they are creepy little stalkers who stare at you when you leave your house at five thirty in the morning to go to work. I can't help but hope I locked the door because I am pretty sure the one with the blue hat is going to kill my dog for peeing on him. Don't even try telling me that the pointy hat he wears is not a weapon. Look at it....just look at it.

Extreme eye contact/No eye contact - Normal eye is polite. Extreme eye contact or no eye contact is creepy! Have you ever spoken to someone who looked everywhere but your face? And I am not talking about creepy guys who look at your breasts I mean they look up. They look at something in the distance. They look at the wall. The ceiling. Anywhere but at you. It is very uncomfortable and creepy. And to the extreme those people who maintain constant eye contact. Like they are trying to hypnotize you. Its almost impossible to break eye contact with them because your body goes in to survival mode and you fear that if you blink or look away the person will cut your throat. Weirdos! 

Baby Dolls that look real - You all know and love my Charlotte. She is one creepy doll. Her creepiness is in a fun sort of way. Have you ever seen those dolls that are made to look like real babies? Holy Shit they are creepy. I am sure they are meant to be  cute. And honestly the artistry is amazing but.....Wow I would not want one in my house!

So how about you? What do you think is creepy that wasn't meant to be?


Muriel said...

I agree. may I just add that clowns are creepy too? I am not too keen on clowns!

Unknown said...

omg, so so so creepy!

I only give Ronald McDonald the ok award because of the whole Ronald McDonald house thing, but... the BK guy... ack!

I sometimes get requests from people I don't know... and they usually have weird porno links or want me to like a bad music video. But creepy nonetheless! (I just delete.... I'm proud of your response!) :)

YES to the gnomes and the eye contact and then.... the creepy ass dolls. YES we love your Charlotte, but that is NOT the same.... is that really a doll in that pic??? OMG over the top gross creepy!!!!!!


Unknown said...

I tried out this really cool website, you gotta try it with your blog.... I blogged about it... so fun!

Liz Schulte's Blog said...

That doll is so creepy! And I completely agree about the Burger King

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