Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Party Pony is giving books away

My friend Jenny  yes I am extremely jealous that she is called Jenny

Anyway Jenny is giving away some books.

You should go over to her blog and try to win them.

Plus you should include reading her blog as part of your daily healthy diet.
She might just be as weird as I am.

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Books!!!!!!This is for me, I'll jump to her blog in a minute, but not before I say thanks.
Hope you are well! Enjoy your day and thanks for sharing good tips! Always appreciated.............

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing!
Have a great night!

ib said...

Jenny, I have been calling you Jenny for a while. Ever since you mentioned it a month or so ago. I'm on my way over to the party pony, because you so demanded me to. Until next time, my liege.

Muriel said...

Excellent! Where do you find the time to read, and share books? I am amazed!!!

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