Wednesday, November 16, 2011

How long is too long?

This is not a writing post.
Although that is also a good question.
This is a post about my hair.
My very sweet....ahem.....sister Judy offered to pay for me to get a haircut.
She often tells me that I need one and that it is far too long.
I kind of like my hair and its curly so I will not cut it short.
My reason for this is it always ends up looking like a helmet.
Truth be told I really do not care what my sister thinks or anyone else for that matter......
But it made me long is too long?
And am I too old (39) for long hair?

Exhibit A: Front view

Exhibit B: Side view
I don't think it looks bad.....maybe a little long but hair cuts are expensive!

I really think its all about whether you look good with long hair.
Is your hair nice and thick?
I think as you age and your hair gets thinner its probably a good idea to cut it.
Mine is not to that point yet.
I don't think I would keep my hair long if it was gray.
Although I don't think I will ever let my hair go gray......
So that's a non issue.
Is it fair to put an age on style?
I don't think women my age should wear mini skirts.
Maybe its because I have a daughter who will be turning 20 very soon and I certainly don't want to dress like her......well that's not completely true but certain clothes I think should be for the young.
So maybe this should apply to hair length as well?
I am not sure.

I really do not like to be told how I can and cannot wear my hair.
Sometimes this stubbornness blinds me to the truth.
Maybe I do need a haircut.
Maybe Judy is right.
Maybe I am too old for hair this long.
Or maybe she is just a giant pain in the ass big sister.

What do you think my fine long is too long and how old is too old?


Kerry Ann @Vinobaby's Voice said...

That's a tough question. If I had hair as thick and lovely as yours I would still have it long. Absolutely. But I have heard the same talk. When I cut my hair off a few years ago my own father told me it made me look younger.

Do what you like. I would die for a head of hair like yours!

BTW--LOVE your header and blog design. LOVE.

Unknown said...

I think you look lovely and should do whatever you want with your hair! I think age has a lot to do with personality, and so does something like hair length. If the (long) hair fits, wear it!!!! It looks good on you!
I say you are never too young or too old unless you think you are and it sucks to define yourself by someone else's definitions like that.
You look very pretty in your long hair. I say keep it if you want to! :)

Jennifer Hillier said...

I think your hair is gorgeous. It's thick and I think it really suits you. Mind you, I'm a long-haired girl, too, and while my hair isn't curly, it's super thick and super coarse (with a tendency to frizz) and the length actually helps keep it smoother. Last year I cut it to just below the shoulders and hated it - it was so much work to calm it down!

Keep your hair long. When you get to 50, you can maybe reassess. Maybe :)

Muriel said...

There is nothing wrong with your hair! You don't seem to have any greys and you look far younger than 39 (am turning 39 too end of Nov). Don't listen to anyone, but please don't cut your hair too short. Dark, thick hair should be shown with pride!

Anonymous said...

Your hair are gorgeous, don't cut them because somebody says to you they are too long.
I don't think it has anything to do with age. It's your style and it suits you. So do as you wish!

Andrew Leon said...

I think your hair length should be determined by what's comfortable for you. I mean that in this way: I tend to like my wife's hair longer, but, at a certain point, things start to happen like she lays down on it and can't move her head. She doesn't find that comfortable, so she keeps it at a length where that doesn't become an issue.
I don't agree that long hair is for the young.

Liz Schulte's Blog said...

I think you have beautiful hair. Keep it long as long as you want to.

ib said...

I can't tell. You should put on something lacy and take another round of photos, including enlarged frontal and side view shots. I need to study (cough, cough) a little harder to field an honest opinion. Okay, hubby won't whack me, will he?

Seriously, your hair is perty. I like long, curly hair. My lady had curly blonde hair when we met. Drove me absolutely crazy. And, at 39, you need not speak of being too old for anything. Grown women all over the world can still be found jumping on trampoline's. How immature.

Lola said...

Your hair is gorgeous! You could cut off 6 inches or so, and it would still be long and beautiful! :)

Lesa said...

Beautiful hair but I bet a hair make-over-- shorter but still on the long side with soft layers--would make you look and feel much younger.

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