Thursday, November 10, 2011

I answer your hate mail

So apparently my post about Joe Paterno sparked some serious hate.

I received a few emails about how disgusting I am and that I am a terrible mother.
I will not post the emails in their entirety as some of them were very know who you are.
Instead I will just answer some of the (sort of) questions posed.

Let me begin by saying that in the end they fired Joe Pa. 
I forced myself to read the grand jury report and I am sick to my stomach.
I think we should be focusing on him and his victims.
We should have been calling for his head instead of Joe's.
People have been saying if you read the grand jury report you will feel different about Joe Paterno.
Well I read it and I don't.
I still think that the media and others are persecuting him for handling a very disgusting situation incorrectly.
I still do not believe he should have been the focus of the media.
There is an animal out on $100,000 bail right now that should be and should have been their focus.

So bring on the hate.........

How can you support a child molester? I will never read your blog again.

Well the way nice name. It suits you. I am not supporting a child molester. Please follow the story and get your facts straight and then I would be happy to have an intelligent conversation with you.

How would you feel if this was your child? Your a disgrace as a mother.

Well kmathews71 let me start off by saying it is you are or you're not your. If this was my child I would be devastated.  I will say that I would be calling for the head (literally) of Sandusky. He would be my focus because he is the animal who committed these crimes. I would be horrified by the fact that he is out on bail and no one seems to give a shit because we are too worried about whether or not the background players (who are more famous) are getting fired. Actually I would probably take that opportunity to sneak in while no one is looking and kill him after cutting off his penis and shoving it down his throat.

Joe Paterno new what was happening and did not tell anyone. He is just as guilty and you are as ignorant as your daughter.

Well will_a_be you apparently do not know how to spell. Its knew not new.....idiot. Oh sorry was that ignorant? So you are saying that now if I know of a crime I am just as guilty as the person committing it? Well fuck we are all in a lot of trouble then. I can not imagine there are not a ton of people out there who know something or knew something that they wish they would have done more about. Maybe its that you know your friend is being abused by her husband. Or a child is being neglected. Or your co worker is cheating on their taxes. I think we could use this as a lesson and look inside ourselves and really see how many of us are in a position to judge someone else for handling a very bad situation wrong.

Thats all I have the patience to share......

I would like to say to the students of Penn State.
Don't react the way you did last night.
I have never heard of a riot that ended in a resolution that made any group happy.
Project your frustration and disappointment in a way that gets positive attention.
Then you will be heard.
Handle yourselves intelligently and people will hear you.
Focus on THON.
For those of you who do not know what THON is........(this is from their website
Welcome to, the online home of the largest student-run philanthropy in the world! The Penn State IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon, affectionately referred to as THON, is excited to have you join us in our fight to conquer childhood cancer.
In 1973, a small group of dedicated Penn State students held our first Dance Marathon. That year, 39 dancer couples participated and raised $2,000. Since then, THON’s presence in the Penn State community has grown exponentially. THON now has over 15,000 student volunteers, 700 dancers, and has raised more than $78 million, benefiting The Four Diamonds Fund at Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital.
THON is now a year-long effort that raises funds and awareness for the fight against pediatric cancer. With the support of students from all across the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and THON Alumni all around the world, we continue to make great strides towards finding a cure for all childhood cancers!
Thank you for your interest in learning more about THON. Together, we’ll make a difference in the life of a child.
“When they say, ‘We Are Penn State,’ this is what they are talking about.” - Joe Paterno

Thank you and I look forward to reading and responding to your hate mail in the future.


Anonymous said...

Well done, well said. I wanted to react to your story but I could not find the words.
These people didn't get the point really. It makes me sick really.
Love your answer to kmathews71! Would definitely do the same!!

Take care and don't be afraid speaking your mind, some people are just stupid and intolerant.
Take care - I for my part think you are a great mum!!

ib said...

Jenny, let these people go on and hump someone else's leg. I did not once, while reading your post think that you were supporting a child molester. That, is because I go into most things with an open mind. Who are all of these do-gooders anyway? Do you now (see what I did there? I'm sneaky like a rhino, like that.) them, or are they just hangers onners?

Andrew Leon said...

I'm really having a hard time with the fact that people sent you hate mail. That's insane. I have other words, but none of them are polite, so I'll just keep them to myself.

Jennifer said...

Marie - Thanks. that mean a lot to me!

Jennifer said...

ib - I don't know them. I will assume they found my blog from a search or something. Or maybe they have a blog but I didn't recognize their names or email addresses. I think its ironic to be called ignorant by an ignorant person. But whatever.....I have never been one to run from an argument so at least I was entertained.

Jennifer said...

Andrew - Thanks!

Miranda said...

The hate mail that you shared with us is actually embarrassing on the part of those who wrote it. I think one very important thing is that if you're going to insult someone, you should probably have the correct use of grammar and actually know how to spell. Ahh stupidity these days.

Samantha Sotto said...

Oh, my. I missed the blog post in question but I'm sending a huge hug your way.

Unknown said...

I agree with you and still have to wonder what kind of idiot would send you hate mail on this?
First of all, did anyone look up whether or not the guy was following job protocol by reporing to his supervisors, not police? I don't know the depth of the situation, but still..... I agree wih you. Deal with actual child molester.

Liz Schulte's Blog said...

I'm sorry you got hate mail. That is crazy. Everyone is welcome to their opinions.

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