Monday, November 7, 2011

Once Upon a Time there was the Walking Dead

I watch two shows on Sunday nights.
Once Upon a Time and The Walking Dead.
These shows could not possibly be any more different.
Last night I realized how creepy it was to go from Storybrooke, Maine
the quaint little town in Once Upon a Time. 
Where all the characters from your favorite fairytale characters live.
Only they don't know they are fairytale characters because of a curse put on them by the evil queen.
to end up in the zombie apocalypse world of The Walking Dead.
Where the characters are living in a nightmare!

Both shows are really great....although I do like The Walking Dead just a smidgen more. 
Which brings me to my summary of last nights episode.....
*********Spoiler Alert**********
Last night on The Walking Dead
We found Carl on the mend.
The rest of the group made it to the farm and began to set up camp.
 Doctor Hershel tells Rick that his people can not stay, that after Carl is better they have to leave.
While getting water from a well Dale and T-Dog discover a walker all bloated and gross at the bottom.
The group decides that it would be best not to shoot it because the blood will get into the water and contaminate it.
They try to lure it with ham but realize that they need live bait.
Glenn is reluctantly lowered into the well.
He needs to get a rope around the walker so they can haul it up and kill it.
Needless to say something goes wrong and Glenn is dropped too close but he is able to get the rope around its neck and is hauled up before being bitten.
Unfortunately the thing very grossly rips in half and the legs end other gooey stuff ends up in the well.
Guess they won't be using that well anymore.
Oh and T-Dog bashes the damn things head in.....ewwww!

Glenn and Maggie head to town to go to the Pharmacy to gather some medication.
Lori has asked him to try and locate a pregnancy test. After finding it he tries to hide it from Maggie and she thinks he is grabbing condoms. 
She says she would like to have sex with him and so she takes off her clothes.

Daryl is off searching for Sophia.
It was decided that Rick is too weak after giving all that blood and Shane is still hurt from his mission to get the equipment for Carl's surgery.
So Daryl is out searching and he happens upon an abandoned house.
He sees traces of someone who may have hidden there recently so he starts calling out for Sophia.
He spots a Cherokee Rose growing in the field.
he picks it and gives it to Carol and tells her the lovely story of the Cherokee Rose....who knew he could be so sweet?

Rick begs Dr. Hershel to let them stay.
He tells him he has no idea what its like out there.
Dr. Hershel tells him he will consider it.

Lori goes out into the field and pees on the pregnancy test.
The test reads positive!

dun dun duh!

Well I hope you all have a Magical Monday!


Unknown said...

I LOVE Once Upon a Time.... maybe we should copost about it sometime!!!
I LOVE the Walking Dead updates since I don't get that channel!!!!

Oh, hey, I learned from another blogger that there is some program you can download to record a skype conversation... we should try it sometime for a post!!!!

Liz Schulte's Blog said...

I am watching Once Upon a Time too, but I love, love, love Walking Dead. Each episode feels about 5 minutes long and I never want it to be over. I hope they find Sophia and Darryl is such an awesome character (didn't think I would be saying that last season).

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