Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Maybe its the immature side of me but I just love ringtones.

I download them all the time picking out special ones for certain people in my contact list.
I just assumed everyone also thinks this is cool but....
 I was texting my brother Peter yesterday it went something like this

Obviously Peter does not see the awesomeness of a personalized ring tone.
Who wouldn't want the Boondock Saints prayer as the tone that plays when you call?

Here are some of my other ringtone choices

My brother Michael - Fat guy in a little coat
Amber - Family Guy Stewie saying Mom Mom Mommy
My sister Judy - Supernatural actors saying pick up the phone.....cause thats what she always says.
When I get a text it plays Pam from Trueblood saying Blah Blah Vampire Emergency Blah
When my husband calls it plays the Star Wars Darth Vadar theme
General calls play the music from Harry Potter

I wanted to include all of the ringtones but yet again blogger epically fails by not allowing you to include sound clips to blog posts.

How about you.....do you use special ringtones for people or are you more in agreement with my little brother?


Muriel said...

I have to admit that I don't. I think that you have managed to keep your inner teenager alive and kicking! Well done you. Don't know where mine is hiding!

Andrew Leon said...

That would be the only reason I would want a cell phone. Really. Personalized ringtomes are cool.

But not as cool as fezes.

Unknown said...

And thanks for your help in finding the True Blood one! :)

Ashley McBride said...

lol fat guy in a little coat is perfecttt for my dad hahaha

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