Monday, November 28, 2011

Shit I have to go back to work and I hate Shane from the walking dead

Well I have to go back to work today.
My nice week long break is over.
I can not tell you how hard it was to get up this morning and put on something other then jeans.

Another reason it was so hard is because The Walking Dead really was intense and I had a hard time going to sleep after watching it.

*******SPOILER ALERT*********

So Dale kind of sort of forced poor Glenn to tell the gang that Hershel and his people are keeping walkers in the barn.
I guess Glenn won't be getting laid anytime soon because Maggie is pissed!
Shane is a freaking lunatic and starts going crazy about the close proximity of the barn to their camp.
Rick says he wants to speak to Hershel before they just go all Call of Duty on the barn zombies
Hershel pretty much says get the fuck of my property if you have a problem with my zombie collection.
Rick tells him Lori is pregnant so they need to stay for the baby's safety.
He then refers to Glenn as the Asian boy and tells Maggie he can't stay and she needs to get over it.
She tells him he is a hypocrite jackass who is worried about killing zombies because they are people but will send real people out to the dangerous world outside of their farm.
I love Daryl more and more each episode and I hate Shane more and more each episode.
Daryl is like a ray of hope. Believing that Sophia will be found safe and sound.
Even her own mother is starting to believe that this is not true but she ends up agreeing with Daryl probably because she want to have sex with him........or maybe its just me.
Andrea continues to make me wish for her swift and painful death.
Although since she had sex with Shane she isn't all "oh I want to be dead" she is still annoying.
Her and Shane should just go away together.
Rick tells Shane that Lori is pregnant and of course Shane thinks its his.
Lori tells him to get over it because either way they will never be together.
Shane is a giant douche bag!
Dale steals all of the guns.....not sure why
He takes them into the woods but creepy Shane followed him.
They have words and oh how I wish Dale had the balls to just shoot him but he doesn't.
Shane is a ticking time bomb of emotion.

Maggie isn't mad so I guess Glenn will be getting laid again.....good for him.
Hershel comes and asks for Rick's help with something.
What could it me?
Zombie wrangling!
Really dude just kill the damn things
But no Hershel has a soft spot for stray zombies or he needs a housewife and mechanic to finish his collection.

Shane the lunatic starts to rally the camp.
He starts handing out guns even to little Carl until Lori gets in the way
God would I wouldn't give for Lori to punch him in the face.

Rick and Hershel are spotted by the T Dog with their new pet zombies
Guess what happens.........Shane gets mad
Oh my God how out of character for him

He starts telling Hershel that these are not people and to prove his point he starts shooting the female zombie.
Finally he shoots it in the head and then goes bat shit crazy breaking the locks on the barn.
I was praying that he would just get ripped apart but no he just starts shooting.
Annoying Andrea joins him.....
then everyone does cause there pretty much is not choice at that point.
In the end Hershel and his people are crying and devastated.
These were their people.
family members
and there they are strewn about in the dirt
 in front of the open barn doors.
Guns are lowered
but wait is that another one?
I think I hear that moaning zombie sound.
Yes there is one coming out and who should it be?
Carol is screaming her poor daughters name while everyone else just stares.
Carl is very upset and Lori tells him to look away
No one moves as she gets closer and closer.
Finally Rick walks up to her and puts a bullet into her brain.

The end
until February 12th......I can not wait!


Liz Schulte's Blog said...

Walking Dead was so good last night and Shane is the most giant douche in the entire world. Ugh. I too was hoping Dale would shoot him. In like the leg or something, but take him down. Then if anyone would have taken the stupid zombie pole Rick could have stopped Shane. Perhaps he could have used said pet zombie to bite Shane. I too love Daryl. I think I felt the worst for him and Rick about Sophia being a walker. *sigh* February is such a long time away.

Unknown said...

damn... 'til Feb??? Sorry....
Also sorry about work and all that...
but luv ya, ya know! :)
can't wait for the Flat Jen and Stacey premier... :) :) :)

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