Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Blog Reviews

I have noticed a lot of the author blogs I follow post the blurbs that people have written after reviewing their upcoming novels. Being that I do not have a novel to be reviewed I thought I would post some unsolicited reviews I have received from family and friends about my blog.

“There is something wrong with you”
-          Michael

“Why are you so weird?”
-          Anne

“Please use your maiden name. I don’t want anyone to know you’re my wife”
-           Chris

“Thanks now everyone who thinks I am lying asks to see my tongue. We are in a fight.”
-          Amber

“Aunt Jenn you have too much time on your hands”
-          Kevin

“Hey Jenn I love your blog. It is entertaining, personalized, interesting, fun and real. Thanks for sharing”
-          Cheryl

“Jenn I read your blog every day I Love it”
-          Debbie

“You’re not weird your eccentric”
-          Tish

“I’m pretty sure you were adopted. There is no way we are related”
-          Mark

“There is something wrong with you”
-          Kevin Sr.

So there you have it.
Its family and friends like these that really motivate a person!

Have wonderfully weird Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

Awesome post!!! So much fun!!!

Andrew Leon said...

That's so awesome! To date, I have exactly one "review" of my blog. Well, other than the one you gave me, so to speak. I feel so inferior.
And I want to do what you just did, but I don't have enough comments about it. :P

Unknown said...

If you're weird, what does that make me?

My only comment would be that I'm addicted and obssesed... and they have a name for me that probably isn't socially acceptable to repeat so I'll skip it.

Anyway... just finished the book! WOW! I'll email you later tonight about it!

Ok, and I forgot to say, but I noticed I think on She Reads, She Blogs that you hadn't read the Gernsey Potato Peel book (dang it, can't recall full title)... no vamps (darn, they're my fave) but a WAY good book, just an fyi. :-)

Blog looks cute as always!

Author Dawn Brazil said...

LOL. Jennifer, too funny and so true of many writers family responses to their blogs. At least you get the fam to respond. My family just keeps saying, "How do you do it again?" or "Can you comment as me and I'll try to come and read it?"

A lot of support there huh! LOL It's okay though. My oldest daughter is my cheerleader- she's awesome, except when it's cooking time.

Andrew you'll get those reviews if you want them. Don't feel bad.

Ru said...

Hahaha, that's awesome.

(Sorry to be a creeper, found you from Elana Johnson's blog.)

Melissa said...

You are not weird - YOU ARE FABULOUS!

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