Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Friends In Movies

I love movies. My movie knowledge is like a super power.
It's embarrassing because I would totally pick mind reading as a super power but instead I got
 Movie Knowledge
Anyway that was a weird and long way to say I like movies!
I will watch anything....action, horror, romance, comedy, thriller
I don't care for the overly gross slasher type films made strictly to shock
Buddy films and movies about friends are some of my favorites.
I love the line from Sleepless in Seattle when Meg Ryan's character and Rosie O'Donnell's character are talking and Meg Ryan says
"She looked like someone we would be friends with"
I love this line because I was thinking the same thing about Meg and Rosie's characters.....
they seemed like someone I would be friends with
Add it to my list of weird because I have on more then one occasion imagine myself inserted into a particular movie as the other friend

Don't even get me started on Sex in the City I would totally be a part of that group....
if I lived in New York, had a cool job, made lots of money and of course they were real
The friendship between Carrie and her friends is amazing....the scene where Charlotte stops Big from coming any closer to Carrie after he leaves her at the altar is so emotional and protective I cried.

The young girls in the movie Now and Then remind me so much of myself and my friends growing up

I could go on with this all day but I want to get to my "Blog Friend" of the day

Today I want to talk about Stacey over at http://wearnailpolish.blogspot.com/
Stacey is funny, irreverent and awesome
She has admitted to saying this that should not be said and this is what makes her blog a great read
You never know what Stacey is going to blog about....it could be running a marathon it could be nail polish that changes color with your mood. She has touched on serious subjects but mostly her blog is FUN!
We have done co posts which are great because we love to see the sameness and the differences in our choices.
In my real life Stacey is referred to as "My Best Blog Friend" or " BBF"
as in "I see you and your bbf did a joint post again"
If you are not already reading Stacey's blog I highly recommend you do!

So do you have a favorite friend based movie you would like to share? Or a BBF that maybe I am not yet following? If so let me know!!!!

Have a Tantalizing Tuesday!


Samantha Sotto said...

Stacey ROCKS :D

Muriel said...

I love Stacey's blog. I think that I got carried away the other time and left a deeply embarrassing comment (on me!).


Unknown said...

Gosh, I didn't know I could get all teary eyed so early in the am! You all rock my world!
Be sure to check out Lioness and her blog, all positive all the time!

Hm. Movies. I think I spend more time imagining what super power I may have, :) . Right now, i'm thinking Wonder Woman's lasso and Invisible Jet to fly around the world at my whim would be awesome!

Love the movies you mentioned, the protective friendships. Reminds me of the YaYa Sisters (though the movie of course wasn't so good) and The Sweet Potato Queens, dang it... no movie yet, and Lipstick Jungle (i did like the tv show, though again not so much as the book).

Not sure I answered the question... :)

MuMuGB... you should not be embarrassed. Though I must say bc I think we're the same age... you are never too old for anything!

Happy Tuesday!

Author Dawn Brazil said...

I'm going to go check out Stacey's Blog now because your blog rocks!!!

Lesa said...

I follow Stacey's blog and twitterfeed-- fun!

Have you read Tracy's blog Cooked Heads-- insightful and funny and gorgeous photos and I don't like it just because she wrote a post in my honor! hahahahah http://cookedheads.blogspot.com/

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