Thursday, May 19, 2011

Charlotte Tries Again

Charlotte made another attempt to make friends with my son..
Here is what happened.

First she thought she would try reading Harry Potter. Charlotte knows he loves Harry Potter and is eagerly anticipating the final movie in July. So she climbed the tall bookshelf and chose the last book in the series. She even put on her glasses....Harry wears glasses so maybe this would make him like her.

It didn't work. She forgot she can't read.

Next she tried learning how to play one of his video games.
 After he left for school she snuck into his room and brought down his handheld game.....
This wouldn't work either because you can't use the controls when your fingers are all molded together.

She decided to ask the smartest person she knows....
But he just looked down and her and said
"Please step away from the books Madame"

Disappointed she climbed onto her favorite window seat with her dog.
While sitting there petting him and looking out the window she came up with a brilliant idea

He loves Perry so if she could get Perry to like her
Well than for sure the boy would!

She found Perry sitting in his usual spot waiting for him to come home from school

But Perry, he was a little afraid of Charlotte too.
Feeling this was definitely the way into the boy's heart, Charlotte went into the pantry and took down the box of doggie treats

At first he was nervous but once he realized she wasn't going to hurt him
he took the treat

And now he loves her....dogs are so easy Charlotte thought to herself

Now it is time to show the boy.......

Tune in next time to see if her efforts paid off.
Until then.......
Have a Thoroughly Awesome Thursday!


Julie Flanders said...

I love creepy Charlotte LOL. The picture of Perry and Charlotte is adorable! Love the way Perry is smiling, typical dog, all it takes is a few treats. :D

エイプリル said...

Charlotte is so I love these installments. Cannot wait to see if she finally gets Christopher to like her.

Andrew Leon said...

She looks good in the glasses. She should wear them more often.

Jennifer Prescott said...

I love the photos! Thanks so much for visiting my blog.

Unknown said...

we must have more of this.

Unknown said...

Charlotte is not helping Perry with his diet giving him all those treats.

Muriel said...

Charlotte is a bit creepy! lol!!!

Melissa said...

I love your Charlotte/Edgar/Perry posts! My kids look forward to them too. I have to show them because they may one day realize that I am not too weird if their are others out there like me. Usually they just ask if this is what they have to look forward to in their thirties - having creepy weird things to torment their kids! Thanks for always making my day:)

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