Friday, May 13, 2011

Top Ten Scary Ass Supernaturals for Friday the 13th

First of all blogger has me really irritated because my Pet Peeve post is gone! So annoying!!!

Anyway....I am doing another co-post over at my BBF (best blog friend) Stacey's blog Its our top ten Scary Evil Supernatural Women in books.
You should check it out....and read Stacey's blog.....and follow her on twitter and follow her blog.....but don't try to steal her as your best blog friend....
cause she is my best blog friend!

Go check it out....

I'll wait here.....

unless of course blogger decides to delete this post too

One last thing I will be reviewing the latest Southern Vampire Series
Dead Reckoning
look for a post about it under my tab Book Chat this weekend!
Until then my Friends

Have a frightfully fabulous Friday the 13th


Unknown said...

Ya, I want to kick blogger's sorry loser ass. :-) Let's sick a super scary supernatural on it, shall we? I lost two posts that I was fond of... and I kept trying to comment on your book pet peeves b/c (shock) some of them are my pet peeves, too.

Speaking of pet peeves, the wordpress people are probably really enjoying this. GRRRRR.

I'm going to have to wait to read your review till I'm done... I did start it today (since there were no new blogposts to read).

Anyway... happy Fri the 13th!

Thanks for being such an awesome blog best friend!

Andrew Leon said...

And I loved your pet peeve post! I lost my post, too, and it hasn't come back, either. Unlike so many other people's posts.
Doomed! I tell you! Doomed!

Andrew Leon said...

Oh, hey! Your pet peeve post came back! Without my comment, though. Maybe it's just me blogger was targeting?
Maybe I still havemy comment to your other post in my email...

Crazy Life of a Writing Mom said...

Oh my gosh! Dead Reckoning came out. I'm soooo excited--I had no clue :0)

I found you from your awesome interview. Loved it!

Unknown said...

Ya know what I'm thinking... we need to add BLOGGER to our list of scary ass super naturals... :-) .

My posts came back, but without the comments.

Hope your weekend is great!

Jennifer said...

@Stacey- I agree blogger is so creepy. I thought I lost my post but then magically it appeared but without the comments.
@Andrew - Thanks I am glad it came back and thanks for reposting your comment. sadly I had some other good comments that are now missing but....whatever
@Elizabeth- hello and welcome! I will stop by and check your blog out...any friend of Stacey's is a friend of mine!

Julie Flanders said...

I love this post! I've been looking for more supernatural things to read lately, so I'm really glad to see these recommendations. I thought I had read all of King but I've never even heard of the Library Policeman, I have to check that out! Also just bought the Cassandra Clare series, so I'm anxious to start that. Also glad to be reminded that I've wanted to read Ghost Story forever and never have. Great post. :)

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