Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lazy Girl

My lovely darling sweet little girl has returned from college.
I counted the days until she would be back....eagerly waiting for
the laughs
the talks
the reading
the laughs....yes we laugh a lot some might say too much **ahem Chris***
the movies...Mamma Mia, Pride and Prejudice, The Lost Boys, Harry Potter
the TV shows...Glee, Bones, The Office
the help? yeah right!
I missed her
Now that she is back
She is driving me crazy
Never has there been a lazier human being
When I leave for work she is tucked snuggley in bed sleeping soundly
When I return from work she is still in bed. Blankets wrapped around her. Headphones on. Laptop on lap.
Cell phone within....not even reaching distance cause God forbid she have to stretch her arm
And I want to strangle her!
Some days I come home and feel like I could collapse from exhaustion. And there she is laying in bed watching the episode of Bones that I haven't found the time to watch yet.
I know its not her fault my job sucks
I know she doesn't mean to make me want to kill her
I know she might even wish I had a minute to sit and watch Bones together
But....I still want to walk into my room and quietly disconnect the wireless just to make her suffer
Does that make me a bad Mom?

She posted this pic on my facebook page....I love it!

Have a Terrific Tuesday

******disclaimer- I don't actually want to kill my daughter or strangle her....well maybe srangle**********


Unknown said...

Talk to her and explain? Try and set a couple of hours for you two to watch cheesy tv shows that you'll both wet yourselves laughing at!

ComaCalm's Corner

Unknown said...

Oh... I know those days are coming.
I know exactly what you are talking about, although my oldest is still in Middle School.
Just this morning I was talking with a friend about how nice it'll be when school gets out to have our babies home with us.
Then... reality set in. We sat in a moment of horror thinking about... then the fighting, the screaming, the crying, the 911 calls begin... and that's just my reaction to the thought!

Kidding. I know we love our kids so much and dang it they can drive us nuts and not mean to, too.

Anyway, LOVE the facebook pic!

I could go on but I'm only in chapter 4 and I want to finish so I can finally read your review.

Hang in there.

Happy summer.


Paul Greci said...

Well, I hope you sort out the kinks and have some good times together this summer!!

Muriel said...

You are ahead of me! My younger one is waking up at 6 am every day. Far too early for me. I wish she were like your daughter...life is unfair...

Author Dawn Brazil said...

LOL Jennifer, I understand!!! My daughter (15) and I have this same relationship some times. I'm in the horrible stage of teaching - more like showing her - how to cook. It's torture - for me. Hang in there. She'll be gone soon. LOL And then you'll have a post titled "Oh how I Miss my Daughter" LOL

Andrew Leon said...

Sounds like my oldest son. Or, at least, how he'd like things to be.

Ashley McBride said...

This sounds like me right now too. I'm done work for the summer. However I do need to find a summer job to pay for my car. womp womp womp. :(

Melissa said...

I think we may have the same daughter! She will have a free summer before her Senior year and can't understand why I just can't run to California or Florida to take her and her girlfriends surfing - go figure! How great to be young and carefree again.

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