Friday, May 6, 2011

My Top Ten Friendships in Novels

I have not posted in two came and hit me over the head
It took me hostage and made me work extra long hours
Life is really cruel sometimes
But I am back and today I am going to list my top 10 Friends in Books

I try to make my picks as varied as possible but sometimes I have to use some obvious ones
So here we go

1. Ron, Harry and Hermione - Harry Potter
Obvious choice for me as I am a Harry Potter geek but I do think that these three are a wonderful example of true friendship. They are so comfortable with each other that they have no problem saying exactly what they think without fear of losing their friend. Throw in the fighting to save each others lives and you really can't ask for anything better. It is their love and friendship after all that gives them the power to fight against the Deatheaters and Voldemort.

2. Gordy, Chris, Teddy and Vern - The Body (aka Stand by Me)
One of my favorite Stephen King novellas has four friends who go off in search of the dead body of a kid who was reported missing. The friends think that by finding the body they will be heroes and become famous. While on the adventure they learn a lot about themselves and each other. Sadly the narrator tells us that they drift apart through their high school years but he still looks back on their friendship fondly.

3. Lena, Tibby, Carmen and Bridget - The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
I really enjoyed the friendship shared between these four girls. They each have their own drama going on but when that call or email comes through they are there for each other. Throw in some magical jeans that fit everyone perfectly, who the hell would want some magical jeans?, and it makes for a great story about friendship.

4. Wilbur and Charlotte - Charlotte's Web
A pig and a spider become friends. Truly one of my favorite stories of all time. Charlotte saves Wilbur from being slaughtered with her awesome web word designs. I am not a huge spider fan but if the ones in my house would spin cool words into their webs maybe I wouldn't call for their death when I see them crawling along the wall. Anyway the friendship between these two animals makes for a lovely story that ends sadly with Charlotte's death.

5. Lennie and George - Of Mice and Men
Brought together by their dream of owning a farm Lennie and George are unlikely friends. The other migrant workers do not understand their friendship but George protects Lennie and he knows Lennie is one of the only people who truly cares about him. Of course in the end George shoots Lennie but it was for his own good.

6. Emma and Harriet - Emma
Emma decides that she needs to find her new friend Harriet a proper husband. In this search she loses site of what is really best for her friend. Luckily in the end the two make amends and both marry happily.

7. Bella and Alice - Twilight series
I thought I would throw all of those Twilight fans a bone and include Bella and Alice. The friendship that grows between Bella and Alice is my favorite part of this series. Alice is a perfect friend for Bella as she brightens the sullen attitude and teen angst filled pages. Some of the best parts of the book are the interactions with Alice planning the wedding and Bella giving into Alice's plans.

8. Edgar and his dogs - Story of Edgar Sawtelle
Edgar is a mute twelve year boy whose family raises dogs. After the death of his father he runs away with three of the dogs and travels in the hopes of making it to Canada. The dogs understand Edgar more than anyone and his friendship with these dogs are what help him survive the many dangers of traveling alone threw the forest. He and the dogs become a pack protecting each other and giving comfort when one is hurt. Great story. If you have not read it, and you like dogs, you should pick it up. 

9. Vivi, Teensy, Neice, and Caro - Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood
I fell in love with this book and the friends inside from the first page. Their friendship really is a sisterhood. The secrets that they have kept and the love they share is truly inspiring. the movie is good but as is with pretty much every book to movie the book is ten times better. You learn more in the book about how they came to be friends and that back story to me is very important in understanding their friendship.

10. Dave, Sean and Jimmy - Mystic River
If you have not read this book...stop reading now and go out and buy it. It is so good. These three friends  lose touch after one of them is abducted by a child molester. Fast forward 25 years later one is now a cop (Sean), one is an ex-con (Jimmy) and the other (the one who was abducted) is a lost soul(Dave). When Jimmy's daughter disappears the three friends are brought together again when Sean is placed on the case and Dave becomes a suspect. This novel is about lost friendship and the trust and affection you keep even when you have not maintained the friendship for many years.

So those are my choices! How about you? Have any you would like to add?

Have a Fabulous Friday!


Samantha Sotto said...

Sherlock and John! :)

Andrew Leon said...

Well... I'm sure it must be some sort of oversight, but you left out Frodo and Sam. Or, maybe, they just transcended the list?

Unknown said...

I loved all your picks as always!
Have a great weekend and happy Mother's Day!

Muriel said...

How about the 4 girls of Sex & The City? I know it's mainly a movie, but it started as a book...

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