Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I read and read and read some more

So it was a long weekend and I spent it reading.
I finished Graveminder
Hop over to my Book Chat tab to see what I thought
And I read a book by one of my followers Elliot Grace
South of Charm

and it was good!
 I don't say that with surprise I say that because it was good!
I picked it up on Friday and did not put it down until yesterday (Monday) afternoon
The story is about a ten year old boy who is forced, along with his four year old sister, to watch his parents’ marriage disintegrate
His mother starts acting completely out of character....I won't tell you why you will figure it out on your own
Most of the story is told from his perspective and I found it both sad and interesting to look at the violence and abuse parents can sometimes inflict on each other through the eyes of their child. You will want to think some parts of the story seem unrealistic...but pick up any newspaper and you will realize that the sad truth is this is probably happening everyday in your own town.
On a happier note
I love that there is a baseball aspect to the story...cause its summer time and baseball is the king of summer
Go Phillies!
Although the little league coach is a complete jackass.
I found myself yelling at the characters which is a good sign....if I care enough to show how crazy I am without caring who is looking at me....well then, that my friend means the book and characters
are well written.
Normally my reading leans towards the Horror, Mystery, Paranormal type novel but South of Charm
was a nice break from that and it really made me think...which sometimes I like to do.
I have a little bit longer review of this book under my Book Chat tab.

******I would like to include a disclaimer******
I am not saying I like this book because Elliott is a follower.
I promise you I will never do that.
If I say I like something well then you can take that as the truth.
If I didn't like his book I just would never have mentioned reading it at all.
I won't hand out fake praise...I hate when people do that.
I'm keeping it real
Have a Terrific Tuesday!


Unknown said...

Good to know... I trust your taste in books and now I know to add this one to my summer reading list! I love long weekends with extra time for extra reading! Yay!

And I'm glad to know you don't hand out fake praise. :-) Thank you.

Happy Tuesday!

Unknown said...

We have nominated your blog for the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award! It will post on our blog tomorrow morning, so stop on by and pick up the badge!


Elliot Grace said...

...you managed to get your review in before the local newspaper:)

Jennifer, I can't begin to thank you enough for spending a weekend reading my book.

So glad you enjoyed it!


Denise Covey said...

Hi Jennifer. I'm a great fan of Elliot's writing and I loved your review. I can't wait to read this book.


Jennifer said...

@ Stacey - I know you will like it. And I don't like phony-baloney people its my biggest pet peeve.
@ KW - Hey Thanks!
@ Elliot - You are welcome. Keep writing I am looking forward to reading more from you.
@ L'Aussie - Me too and Thanks. I am sure you will enjoy it.

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