Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Chat with Stacey and Jennifer

I am co posting with my best blog friend Stacey again today so hop on over and join in on the conversation. You know its always a fun conversation when Stacey is around.

Then stop back here I have added a letter or two under my Letters to Random People tab!

Have a Wonderful Weekend!


Andrew Leon said...

Is that true about how you feel about feet? Because I'm right there with you. I barely want to look at them, and I certainly don't want to touch them. Unless they're attached to people with ages generally measured in months instead of years. They're still cute when they're that small.

I'm blaming this foot aversion on my father.

Samantha Sotto said...

Hopping over there now! :)

Jennifer said...

@Andrew - Yes unless they belong to a baby toddler type person then keep them away from me.

@Sam - Thanks!

Unknown said...

haha... hilarious!

I need to write a random letter to the people of the grocery store in my fair city when it's 110 oustside (really) and remind them to use deodorant. yikes! seriously, I almost puked.

anyway... love those, have a great weekend!

Author Dawn Brazil said...

Jennifer those letters are great. I share your concern and irritation for the lady with her feet sticking out of the car. LOL

Anonymous said...

Your letters are definitely great fun!
Have a lovely Monday!

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