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Twilight Talk with Jennifer and Stacey

Thank you for joining us for another joint post with my BBF Stacey  today we are going to talk about the Twilight book series and the movies.

Here is what I think......
I like the books......I don't like the movies.
Even though I go to see them as soon as they come out but its more for the fun of watching the little girls squeal every time Edward is on camera.

When I read the first book I remember telling my daughter that it was a rip off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I know its nothing like Buffy...well except for the brooding hot vampire. I did however fall into the deep obsession everyone else did and read through each one with the intensity of an addict getting her fix. When the final book was released I took my daughter and her friend to Barnes and Noble for the midnight release party. We had a lot of fun and it was very exciting to be around people who were equally obsessed. I might add that there were many women my age or older there without the excuse of being with their child and they were having themselves a grand old time.

Although I am team Edward in the respect that I always thought Bella should be with Edward. I love Jakob more and I think he is way hotter then Edward and I don't mean that in the Edward is a vampire therefore his skin is ice cold so Jakob is hotter I mean you know Hotter! It's creepy saying that about a kid younger then my own child but........I have no real response for that.

I have done my post on Vampires and how I feel they should follow the general Vampire rules...drink blood, no sun, sleep during the day. I did not like that the vampires in this book sparkled it was goofy and kind of a lame reason for why they couldn't be in the sun. Although it did elicit some pretty funny penis jokes on Facebook.....which I won't share....cause it would be inappropriate.

I have a lot of respect for Stephanie Meyer. She took an idea and went with it. She wrote whenever she found a spare minute. I have seen interviews with her and they really made me like her. I felt happy for her success.

Alice is my favorite character. I think she was well developed and I enjoyed her quirky behavior and how she was petite and deadly. Jane was my favorite of the "bad guys" she was incredibly evil and her power was awesome.

I have often wondered if this series would have been better as an adult series with lots of hot sex. Of course you would loose some of the best parts from the first book when Bella and Edward are interacting in science class.

I disliked very much the whole Bella gets pregnant thing. I remember saying to my daughter that I wasn't going to read anymore of the book because I found it ridiculous. But I did...... because I was addicted.

Now I know Stacey has a different opinion so lets see what she thinks!

Stacey says:

So, people have mixed emotions about Twilight. I have friends who call it obsessive to the point of creepy, a total turn off, an unhealthy example of relationships, etc. etc. etc.
Respectfully, I do not agree. I LOVE this series!!!!
I read the whole series in a matter of days (summer break+children with parents=sheer unadulterated reading time for me. It is the closest to Heaven on earth I can get.). I LOVE vampires!  As a little side note, I love in this series how they sparkle when in the sun.
I remember seeing Stephanie Meyer on Oprah talking about writing it. I loved listening to her describe her writing process with young kids around. I loved hearing how this all started with a dream about young love. I love love!
I am, was, and always will be Team Edward! My Oldest Daughter, however, is Team Jacob. She's 12 and very strong willed. The debate is intense in our house, both of us completely unwavering (though I will say, from the movies, that I think Jacob is hotter, it's just the True Love thing that gets me every time).
I loved each and every book, one and three are my favorites. Of the movies, definitely the first. The second was just so sad. I think the fourth is my least favorite. What I think really bothers me about this book in particular is the whole baby thing, the way that Bella was carrying it though it was killing her and horribly painful. I've never birthed a baby, maybe that's why, so I can't speak from experience, but it was kinda TMI for me. And for that maybe a little beyond the taste of most YA readers? I don't know.
Still loved the book. I don't know how else it could've ended, with Bella needing to become a vampire, yet not everyone in agreement on turning her. And it gave us Rosalie's story, which made me really love and respect her as a character. And the loyal friendship that she and Bella developed was just beautiful.
My favorite friend character is Alice. I love the way that she can see the future, and yet that the future was not fixed, that actions could cause changes, and also that the full scope of what she saw wasn't always clearly able to be interpreted, like when Bella went cliff diving with. Plus, I love her cute, fun sense of style!
That said, I grew to love Rose and her fierce protective friendship by book 4. Since then, she's on the all time faves list for me. Her story explains her jealousy and general bitchiness at first to Bella. The way she so fiercely protected Bella and Renesme was just lovely. Friends like that are wonderful.
The Volturi scare me. I love how ruthless they are. And I love how the Cullens took them on. For me to find a book or series great (or movie), it absolutely has to have great bad guys and the Volturi surely are. I still shudder when I think about all the 'tourists' heading in to be slaughtered. Eeeewwwww! Victoria was a really good ass-kicking villainous chick.
For a YA series, I thought the whole relationship thing was handled well, though I'll say as an adult I really was wanting Edward and Bella to just seal the deal already for quite awhile. (I'm all about the sexy.) So, I found myself constantly texting my friends who'd already read the series and begging to know if they ever would and this led to my bestie leaking the fact that they were going to make a baby. Well, this sucked! Because I know how babies are made! hahaha... anyway... that surprise came out mid book 3 and I was so bummed I knew about that because it was a BIG IMPORTANT THING I wanted to find out for myself. (It's ok, I still love my bestie and no harm came to her for that.)
I almost always love books better than movies, but in this case I feel like the movies followed the books closely enough and I loved them, too. Although,by the third, I actually fell asleep in the movie. :-0 But I remember the book so well I felt like I didn't need to rewatch it. In the first movie, I love how dark it was with the occasional splash of color, I loved watching the baseball scene, I'm not sure why, but that is one of my favorites. The first movie really I think is my favorite. On the movies, though, my question is... I can't really see the fourth as a good movie, can you?

I am with you Stacey I don't think the fourth is going to be very good....but I will be in the theater when it comes out anyway.

How about you blog friends what are your thoughts on Twilight? Have anything to add?


Unknown said...

(you know every time I try to read this on my phone, it auto-closes the window.... no clue why) which totally pissed me off b/c I wanted to read your thoughts first thing when I woke up, *sigh* especially knowing that we might disagree a little.
Anyway... I'm with you on the more sex/adult series. What did your daughter think of the series? Mine hated it. Like I said, though, largely in part because she was team Jakob all the way. And my other 'almost' teen daughter hated it. So then I wonder, is it mostly women our age reading it anyway? Who knows....

(you can email me the sparkly vampire penis jokes, ok? LOL)


HAVE A GREAT DAY! This was FUN FUN FUN as always!!!!!!!

Muriel said...

Hello Jennifer! Thanks for this post! I have a confession: I love Harry Potter but I never really "warmed up" to Twilight...looks like I missed something...

Elliot Grace said...

...please tell me that I'm not the only male whose read this series!

Hollywood has their work cut out for them with Breaking Dawn. There's just too much to cover, and if left out, could ruin the theatrical version altogether.


Author Dawn Brazil said...

I loved the Twilight books. I bought them for my teen daughter initially but started reading them too and couldn't put them down. My friends and I and our teen daughters all make a big night of going to each movie. Sadly, I hated Twiight. It was not a good movie in my opinion. I liked the others, especially Eclipse and anticipate Breaking Dawn. I actually have to confess though, I enjoyed The Hunger Games series more than shocked me too. I still love Twilight but can't stop thinking about Katniss and Peta and Gale...Oh and I'm Team Edward - all the way.

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