Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Not another Harry Potter Post

I am sorry for this but with the final movie's premier fast approaching we are in full Potter mode!
Our midnight showing tickets are ordered.
The movies/books are constant points of conversation at the dinner table.
We are preparing our gear.....Amber made these awesome tank tops for her and I and a tshirt version for her brother.

We aren't going to see the movie in 3D....I hate 3D.
But rumor has it that there are limited edition 3D glasses that will be given out to those seeing it in 3D
these 3D glasses are made to look like Harry's glasses....if this rumor is true then I will change my tickets to 3D.

I did call my local theater and they said they didn't know anything about these special 3D glasses.
So its a mystery.
Or the person I spoke to is lazy and just didn't want to check to see if I was right.

Either way we are very excited about this movie.
Amber's friend Michelle is going with us.
Although Michelle and I are in a fight right now over a facebook comment.
I love how facebook puts me in high school mode.
We aren't really in a fight I'm just teasing her.
She is a sweet kid.

Anyway I am getting on everyone's nerves at work because I am talking too much about how awesome this movie is going to be.
And how Amber, Michelle and I are going to bring several boxes of tissues.
Because all three of us have cried just watching the trailers.
The boy (aka my son) won't cry.....he's too tough for that.
But he is just as excited as we are....although he pretends he's not.
Cause he's nine and way too cool for that.

So to my fellow Potterheads the countdown is on....
only 15 days until.....

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Unknown said...

Cute tank tops!
What fun!
I would go for the glasses, too!!!! Even though I can't stand 3D, either.
What wonderful family fun for you all!
Fun, fun, fun!

Muriel said...

Just like you I can't wait!

Elliot Grace said...

...yep, I'm nearly Pottered Out, but those shirts are priceless!

My compliments to the artist ;)


Jennifer Prescott said...

I like how this post is set up like a prose poem It's a Harry Potter paean!

Jennifer Hillier said...

I'm excited and sad about this last movie, all at the same time. Man I loved this series.

I'm with you on the 3D thing. I don't enjoy 3D movies as much - I get headaches!

Samantha Sotto said...


(As for 3D - Alas, my head was not built for it.)

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