Thursday, June 9, 2011

I love Jake Ryan

Today I would like to dedicate my post to the unbelievably hot guys of  my youth.
I spent the better part of my teen years being hopelessly in love with Jake Ryan from Sixteen Candles.
Every boy in high school was was judged against his hotness. I know this isn't fair but that's what you do when your a teenager with unrealistic hopes and dreams and the most uncontrollable imagination.
If I am being honest which I sometimes like to do....I still fantasize about Jake Ryan. Whenever I imagine a new male character he always somehow ends my mind....looking like Jake Ryan.
Jake Ryan isn't his actual case you didn't know his real name is Michael Schoeffling.
He has not been in a movie since 1991. I loved him in all of his movies but the Jake Ryan character is by far my favorite. So after doing a little stalking it appears that Michael Schoeffling now is a furniture maker living somewhere in Pennsylvania....and no just because I know this now and because I too live in Pennsylvania I am not going search every phone book to located his furniture I don't think he has a store you have to special order the furniture...and no I am not going to special order a piece of furniture....but how cool would it be to say "Oh this table well Jake Ryan made it especially for me"...Well now I know what I want for my birthday.

And I want this shirt

Okay so on to some of the others....
.but I want to make sure you understand that although the rest are pretty hot
Jake Ryan is king!

Rob Lowe - The Outsiders
Although Rob Lowe is pretty enough to be a girl he was really hot in this movie because he was supposed to be tough.

Partick Swayze
Patrick is hot in just about every movie he was in but I love him the most in Dirty Dancing and Ghost!

Josh Brolin - The Goonies
One of my all time favorite movies and Josh was just so hot in his little workout clothes and headband.

Kevin Bacon - Footloose
Honestly I don't think Kevin Bacon is all that hot. I think I am more attracted to him because his last name is bacon and I LOVE Bacon! But he was kind of hot in this movie.

John Laughlin however was in my opinion the hottest guy in the movie Footloose!

John Cusak
Although not the hottest guy his sweet characters set my little teenage heart a flutter. John continues to be one of my favorite actors. He is one of those actors whose films I will put my hard earned money out to see no matter what. Additionally he was in another of my all time favorite movies Better off Dead. It is so funny!

So there you have it ladies and gentleman. Tomorrow Stacey and I will be talking about Twilight...and I know he is cute and all by Robert Pattinson is no Jake Ryan....just saying.

How about you blogger buddies any teen loves you would like to share?


Unknown said...

I too live in PA and I think his furniture business is within an hour drive of where I am. I wonder how he's aged, since the rest of us have.

Great reliving the old days with these guys! Thanks!

Muriel said...

I still have a crush on James Bond. especially Sean Connery (young) and Timothy Dalton. Maybe that's why I am enjoying living in London...

Unknown said...

Hey, LOVE that I came over here to find eyecandy. NICE!
You should totally visit the furniture shop. Fun field trip! Call it a writing assignment. :-)

Of those I think my favorite is the John Cusak b/c the memory of that scene is possibly my favorite of that era.

Hey, do you remember Nicholas Cage in Valley Girl? That was fun!

I think my highschool bestie and I watched all those but the Friday night regular (that would be rented, on VHS of course) was Pretty In Pink.

Author Dawn Brazil said...

I loved Jake Ryan and Rob Lowe (but in, About Last Night) and John Cusak. Oh and The Goonies...loved it and the young Josh Brolin...dreamy. Thanks for the eye candy!!!

Andrew Leon said...

We still watch Better Off Dead around here. There was a time when my best friend and I watched that movie every weekend. For months. Every.
I know one Kevin Bacon's cousins. 1st cousin, even.

Unknown said...

OMIGOSH YOU SPEAK JEN. This was so fantastic. I would totally wear a shirt that says I love Jake Ryan. He is totally swoon-worthy.

Oh and John Cusack in Say Anything, speechless. Oh how hot the guys were when we were young. I still love to daydream.

Samantha Sotto said...

Hi! I'm back from my trip. Love the new look of your blog!

John Cusack. FOREVER. Oh, and allow me to add Andrew McCarthy to the list :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer,
Discovered your blog from Tracey's one. Great!
This is a great post that brought me back years ago. A delight!
Definitely think Kevin Bacon is sexy in Footloose, only, or is it just the bad boy style I like?

Kelly said...

Last night I dreamed of Jake Ryan, as I often do! We fell in love and got together. He gave me his hot sideways stare and then grabbed me up for a kiss. Okay maybe I have shared too much. :) I love your blog! glad to see someone else shares my "dream"! I may just have to order some new furniture, lol !

p.s. "I want my two dollars" .

Chelsea said...

I've had the same fantasy about finding Michael Schoeffling and buying some of his furniture! I can just hear him saying, "Here, I made this table for you. Yeah, you."

Marcia said...

I was amazed that you didn't mention John Cusack in Serendipity. He def was sexy.

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