Tuesday, June 28, 2011

True Blood Season Premiere

True Blood Season Premiere was this past Sunday.
I have eagerly anticipated this premiere since the end of last season.
Mostly because of Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard) whom I truly love

but also because I was really intrigued with the storyline the show was going with and I wanted to know what would happen next.
I have read all of the books in the series and I really am a fan.
I look at the HBO show as a separate entity.....because it really does not follow the books.
Which held true for Sundays Premiere.
But for the first time I found myself thinking what the hell is going on here.
The show is like way out in left field changing pretty much everything about the characters and storyline we are all familiar with.
And I am not sure I like it!
As I said above I was enjoying both book and series as separate entities but I think that is because there was always a little bit of familiarity. But now..........not so much.
Like what the hell is going on with Tara? She's now gay and living in New Orleans? Um that's not supposed to happen.
Bill is the King of Louisiana? WHAT?? Um no that's not supposed to happen!
Randomly finding grandfather in fairyland? Uh No!
Sookie has been gone for a year and Jason sold her house and is now a cop and not a werepanther? What seriously what!
So I don't know what to think at this point......I will continue to watch but I am worried.
Best part of this episode? Aunt Petunia (not a Potter fan? shame on you) ironically playing a witch.
So awesome!

Have a Terrifically Tasteful Tuesday!


Unknown said...

I am a season behind on the series. I read this post because mostly I get really mad at my friends who spoil book (show) secrets for me BUT... every so often there's something I want so bad I can't help myself but looking ahead to what is next (like reading the last page of a book first). And Eric Northman... I want that bad. I love this little wave he's giving me over and over right now. :) I've always felt they did so well before but your post has me worried, now, too.

Jennifer Hillier said...

I would watch this show just for Eric, but I don't have to, because the whole thing is just so good!

I thought it was interesting plot device, having Sookie "disappear" for a few minutes which turns into a year, and then finding out what everybody's up to. I'm kind of hoping she hooks up with Eric, even though I am a fan of Bill.

Ashley McBride said...

I was gonna text you asking what you thought of it. I feel the same way though, like what the eff is going on?! My expectations were so much higher. And the 2nd episode is on demand too, did you watch it yet?

Creepy Query Girl said...

I knew that lady looked familiar!!! I just finished the second Stackhouse book and am looking forward to the third. I've watched all the True Blood episodes so I guess I'm just kind of taking it at face value. I gotta say I'm almost loving the books mroe than the show though!

Julie Flanders said...

The premiere was kind of jumbled, and I think the show has too many characters, but really I don't even care that much what is going on as long as Skarsgard is on the show. My biggest complaint was I wanted him to have more screen time, but I always want that.

I love Aunt Petunia as the witch! The coven storyline is really intriguing to me.

Love your Eric pics, it was hard to concentrate on anything else in the post! :D

Jennifer said...

@Stacey - sorry i should have said SPOILER ALERT
@Jennifer - I didn't agree at first but I went back and re-watched the episode and also they offered the second episode on demand so i watched that and now i am back on board.
@Ashley - yes I watched it last night and it sealed my already deep love for Eric.
@Creepy Query Girl- I also love the books more then the show.
@Julie - I could not agree more!

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