Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Take my day job PLEASE!

I know I should be grateful that I have a job.
I know I should be happy that I have had said job for 14 years.
I know I should be happy that I have worked for the same company for 17 years.

We had a major server issue and I spent all night Monday night into Tuesday morning trying to restore the very important data.
 By the way I haven't stayed up for 24 hours straight since I was about 15.
Guess what all of the data was corrupted!
I spent yesterday watching my hair turn even more gray with worry as I waited for the call from the data recovery center.
Finally last night I got word that all of the information has been restored!
Now I have to deal with the idiots who have absolutely no clue what it takes to do my job.
Of course they want to know why it happened? 
Cause shit happens and technology mostly sucks!

Yes that is me looking sad and trying to hold my brains in because my head was exploding...The weird thing is my computer took this picture itself. I am pretty sure it was laughing and sent this out to all of its computer friends. Another victim in their goal for world dominance!

Then they will want to know why I could not use my awesome magic powers to make the data come back immediately?
Cause I only use those powers for good and for people who deserve to see my awesomeness.

They will want to know how I am going to prevent this from happening again?
And I will tell them....I'm not..... please see the answer from the first question.

Technology especially network technology is an evil and very fickle creature. It makes you feel all same and cool in its abilities and then SMACK it slaps you in the face by deciding it is too tired to run or it gets a virus and dies. 
All it takes is one idiot who opens an infected email....which they are opening from an unauthorized website and boom 25 workstations infected with a virus or God forbid its a worm that infects all of the workstations on the whole property....So Much FUN!
Can you tell I hate my job?
Why did I choose this job you ask? 
Well asker I chose this job because the guy who had the job before me quit and they were like Jen do you want this job and I was like Hell yeah it sounds awesome.
And then my little two server Novell network grew to a 6 Server Windows network. 
And our dial up internet access that only I had turned into a T3 line and several T1 lines supporting our clients and our office staff.
Look I know it could be worse but just let me vent here okay?
I understand that I could be homeless, or legless or sick or God forbid something could happen to one of my children. I know that in the big picture my job is only a small portion of my life.....which is really a lie. I spend more time at work then I do at home....just saying.
It's just that sometimes I feel like finding a nice little hole and curling up into it and not coming out until someone else deals with the problem.

So with that said I really need to look at playing the lottery.
Or get a new job.
I'm thinking.....chocolate taste tester or vanilla Oreo cookie quality control.
Thanks for being there for me! If it weren't for my blog friends I wouldn't have any friends....
Since I pretty much screamed at everyone I know in my stressed out panic attack.

Try to have a Wonderful Wednesday!


Muriel said...

We are both 39 right? Well, there must be some sort of job itch for working mums of 39. That's the only explanation I see. As you know, I feel exactly the same. I need to win the lottery, or trust my instincts and leave. Maybe we just need a break...Let's take it one day at a time in the meantime.

Andrew Leon said...

Computers are evil. Completely. Evil and useful. It's too bad their useful. I mean, if they were like cigarettes, we could just say, "Evil!" and be done with it. And, you know, make it illegal to use them in restaraunts. And hospitals. And coffee shops. Of course, if people couldn't use their computers in coffee shops, there would be no writers. Not that I ever use my computer in a coffee shop. Just saying.

Unknown said...

please when you see the job listing for chocolate taste tester will you email me immediately (if and only if there are more than one opening so that we can work together).
or, let's you, me, and Muriel go in on some lotto plans.

Sorry it is so tough for you now. I hate stressful work environments that make you cry (well, mine did to me but again my family calls me the sentimental one) every day and are so horrible you don't want to do it any more. ugh.

this post is so well written, though, and made me smile. :-) even as I marvel at your great technilogical knowledge. :-) If I do win the lottery, I will hire you for a ridiculous amount of money to do almost nothing besides help me when I have questions that will be super easy for you to answer but that often promp others to call me names or say, 'figure it out for yourself, i'm not your IT guy.' whatever.

hang in there! we all love you!

Deborah Lawrenson said...

Ah, I think I'm back in business with Google Connect! I was just on here thinking, well, if Jennifer's having blogger problems, there's no hope for any of us...! Hope you're feeling more together now.

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