Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I was tagged....and I am pretty sure this carpet stain looks like a penis

Good Morning everyone. I will be using the word penis in this post so please have all small children leave the room.

So I was tagged twice by Andrew and Julie so I am to answer questions and then tag people which I will say now that I am not going to do. This feels very chain letter to me and I truly abhor the chain letter. But because I really like Andrew and Julie and their blogs I thought I would at least acknowledge the tag.....okay hold on I am going to get to the penis thing...geez perverts.

Question 1: Do you think you are hot?
Okay who wrote these questions? Why yes of course I think I am hot. In fact I am so hot that I have to leave my house early in the morning or all of the local men will follow me to work. Which will cause a mass traffic jam. And then the fire company will have to come to my building because we will quickly reach the occupant capacity. And then the firemen will blast me with their hoses because.....I am so hot.

Question 2: Upload a pic you're using at the moment.
This is not a question but rather a demand so here goes.

Question 3: When was the last time you ate chicken?
Monday evening I had a lovely grilled chicken which I chopped up into a salad. It was delicious.

Question 4: What songs have you listened to recently?
Well I like a wide variety of music. Right now I am in an Irish Punk/Rock mood so I have been listening to Flogging Molly and the Pogues. However Kesha is pretty much stalking me with her music. Every time I get into my car and switch the station a Kesha song comes on.....I am not a fan. So Kesha please stop.

Question 5: What are you thinking about while doing this?
Umm what kind of awesome answers I can give to these strange questions...of course!

Question 6: Do you have any nicknames? brother Michael calls me Jeff. Brian from work calls me Jenny or Jenny from the block. I am pretty sure the rest of the building calls me that bitch from I.T. Other then that its just Jenn or Jennifer.

Like I said I am not going to tag anybody but if you want to answer these questions on your own blog or here in comments by all means answer away!

Now onto the penis......
One day I was walking down the hallway and I was looking down in sadness probably because my job sucks. And I happen to see this odd shaped stain.

I thought wow that looks like a penis. And then I thought Cheese and Crackers Jennifer you are perverted.
I did let housekeeping know there is a stain but they are having a hard time getting it out and I think we may or may not be replacing the carpet but anyway I walk past it a thousand times a day and every time it looks more and more like a penis to me.
What do you think?
How about if I trace the stain.....

By the way this camera is terrible. Its not mine it belongs to the AV Department.
So penis or is it my sick mind?

Either way have a Wonderful Wednesday!

note: I was going to label this post but I fear for the hooligans those type of labels will bring to my Innocent blog


Jennifer Prescott said...

That is the Penis of the Virgin Saint!

Author Dawn Brazil said...

LOL Jennifer. That's pretty much a penis on the floor. A nice sized one I might add...

Unknown said...

Haha.... definitely a penis!

Muriel said...

It is a penis Jennifer. And now, I have a confession: when I get bored, I also tend to see penis shapes everywhere...You are not alone in this! lol!

Samantha Sotto said...

Bwahahahahahahaha! Of course it's a schmenis - the question did it get there???

Andrew Leon said...

I have no response to the penis issue. None at all.

However, as to the tag, I have to say that I participated for the same reason you did. Someone I like tagged me, and I couldn't bring myself to respond to it because I like the person that tagged me. It's a conundrum. I do have to say that I'm not a fan of the chain letter aspect to the whole thing.

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