Tuesday, June 7, 2011

People are Mean

So it seems that yesterday everyone was posting about people being mean or putting negative energy out into the air or cyberspace.
In typical Jennifer fashion I am a day late to the party.
Last week I posted my Pet Peeves and I included mean people. I really don’t understand what a person gets out of being mean. I’m not talking about disagreeing. I’m talking about just nastiness. Hateful words said by hateful people.
My BBF Stacey has a great post today about people posting comments as anonymous…apparently like me she is also late to the party. I am surprised that someone would be so negative considering her blog is very upbeat fun and funny.
Jealous maybe?
Here is what I think if you have enough…dare I say balls? To post a mean comment then at least post it as you. Maybe then your opinions would have some merit, but hiding behind the anonymous just makes your comment even more ridiculous.
My blog friend Muriel received a somewhat scathing comment on her post about women putting makeup on while riding the train or tube….sorry if I botched that I am not familiar with the British lingo. Anyway the anonymous commenter took Muriel’s words so literally and was just nasty about it.
I think the saddest thing is that most of these anonymous people are women and it brings forth the question….Why are we so mean to each other? It’s just so stereotypical and embarrassing the way we try to break each other down.
 Is it not better to use our awesome female power for good?
I have never received a negative comment but back when I started my blog I joined the Book Blogs group. And one bright sunny day as I swelled with the awesomeness of my blog I received an email from someone, also a book blog member, who told me I was misrepresenting myself as a book blog because I didn’t talk enough about books. I am sad to say that it shook my confidence a little bit. I have never been one to care too much about what people think as long as I know I am not being hurtful in any way, but this woman just crushed me. I started second guessing myself. In the end I realized that it did not matter what this person thought I could be myself because after all this is MY blog. She did send me another email disguised as someone else but I know it was her she just wanted to appear to have a friend who shared her thoughts on me not being a book blog.
So I say to you lets rise against these mean anonymous commenters  and let them know that in the words of Maximus from Gladiator
“What we do in life echoes in eternity”
So be nice today…it feels good!


Kerry Ann @Vinobaby's Voice said...

It is YOUR blog and you can call it what you want, whenever you want. People shouldn't be able to comment as anonymous. It's like an open invitation to insult, blow off steam, and be obnoxious while hidden under an invisibility cloak. But it is hard to brush off the mean comments sometimes. Don't let them get to you--they don't deserve the satisfaction.

Mean People Suck.

(which is not my real name so I guess I am kind of anonymous, but then again, you know where to find me...)

Andrew Leon said...

I get told that I'm mean at least once a week. Of course, that's my kids saying that, usually, my daughter. I'm not sure if that counts except that my general response is, "Yes, I am mean."
Now, I want to go find some poor, unsuspecting blogger and leave mean comments! But I would never do it anonymously. I figure being mean is like farting, if you drop a good one, you should claim it!

Okay, now I'm feeling kind of weird. I don't think I would have said that on -anyone- else's blog, Jennifer. But, then, I'm sure that's why I love your blog so much :)

Unknown said...

You're not late, you were early. It was your post last week that got me thinking about my post. :-)
Actually, and our 'conversation' yesterday had me remembering your post from way back about that email.
That and Muriel's anonymous comment. My husband said maybe her commentor was actually a man who has NO IDEA what it means to be a woman, but...
sadly, I agree with you, and I think these are mostly spiteful women. Ladies... seriously! What is up with that???? Why do we tear each other down like that?
A good woman, in my oh so humble opinion, has enough cajones to claim her comments. However, RESPECTFULLY disagree if you will or question an opinion other than your own, but.... really, to tear down another woman for what... to make yourself feel better about yourself or what? That is just one of the worst crimes of all if you ask me.
It does shake you a little bit, though, I agree. And... I also wondered if my negative commentors weren't the same person just using different IDs to look like they have mean friends who agree w/ their mean opinions.
A friend of mine summed it up with 'mean people suck.'

True that.


Maybe we should've co-posted on mean people this week. :-)
Just kidding... I'm writing books on Twilight already.

Muriel said...

Thanks for the mention! I was about to delete the comment you were talking about but in the end I decided against it. Maybe I should have deleted it after all.

i think that people can be mean but I don't really care. I think that it's great when people disagree -respectfully if possible-. Something about the beauty of being different...

I am deep tonight!

Anyway, take care.

Muriel xx

Author Dawn Brazil said...

I saw that post by Muriel, even commented on it myself. Why are people so mean? Well, I guess there's probably not a reason - they just are. Great post Jennifer. People shouldn't post comments as anonymous but they do so they can write mean stuff and not have to give an accounting. They are cowards. So sad.

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