Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Holy Sh*t I am a zombie

My brother texted me this morning and told me that I had to download this awesome app for my iPad.

It's called Zombiebooth and it turns your photo into zombies.
Well not the actual photo
and not an actual zombie 
but you get what I mean......right?

It is amazing! 
 I will probably get fired because since downloading it 
I have just been walking around with my iPad taking pictures of my co-workers.
This is what mine looks like. I made it into a little movie.
I would share the others but I don't feel like asking for their permission.

So freaking awesome right?

Well you know what i will be doing for the rest of the day. If you want me to turn you into a zombie email me a pic and I can upload it to my ipad.


Unknown said...

I'm going to go and search for that. RIGHT NOW.

ComaCalm's Corner

Unknown said...

Holy shit I wish I had an IPad! Or a Mac or something (there is actually one in my house... I'm just not allowed to touch it).

I hereby grant you permission to use any of my photos and make me a zombie... :) . I was actually going to post the pics you sent me for my blog post but haven't had a chance yet.

THIS VIDEO ROCKS!!!! Ok, now I want a video, too!!!! Am I too demanding?????

That's freakin' awesome!!!!!!!!!!

Elliot Grace said...

...okay, so that's a creepy way to cap off an evening ;)


Jennifer said...

Stacey - your wish is my command I will email them to you.

Coma - yes hurry but be prepared to become addicted.

Elliot - Sorry:( I love creepy!

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