Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Old Friend

I am feeling melancholy today.
At first I thought it was Post Potter Depression
But I realized it was just that
I was thinking about those I have loved and lost.
I usually try not to dwell on the fact that they are no longer here but rather try and remember how great it was to have had them in my life.

In particular it is my Aunt Stella whom I am missing today.
I was going through some of my Italy pictures from a trip we took and I was struck with that deep hollow feeling that is left after someone dies.
 I was trying so hard not to laugh in this photo and she was trying so hard to make me laugh.
Aunt Stella and the Olive oil. 
We were pretty well drunk from the wine tasting at this point and she just kept saying take my picture with this olive oil. I am pretty sure everyone on the tour....even people who were not with our group probably have this same picture.

She was a wondeful woman
She had the eye of an artist
Sadly lung cancer invaded her and took her away from everyone who loved her.

It has always irritated me that people react differently when you say someone died of lung cancer
It starts off with "Oh I am so sorry how did she die?" "Lung Cancer" "Oh she was a smoker" 
Thats it.
As if it is her own fault that she got it.

She has been gone since October of 2007

I miss calling her at work
I miss traveling with her
Hearing her laugh
I miss her teaching me a new craft
I miss listening to her stories
Seeing her smile

This Tim McGraw song always reminds me of her.

Who do you miss and is there a song that makes you think of that person?

Have a wonderful Wednesday


Muriel said...

I feel for you Jennifer. I am sure that your Aunt sees you from somewhere. I miss my great grandmother and a couple of friends who died much to young. For some reason, the song I like to remember them is "Luka", of Susanne Vega.

Unknown said...

Those are great pictures to hold on to! I'm sorry for your loss but I'm glad you at least have great memories of her!!!

I also experienced Post Potter Depression.

Unknown said...

What a great post...sorry you are feeling a bit depressed, though. I always find it odd that I think of those I love at different times. The pictures triggered your memory - something triggers a memory and then you think of the good things. :)

Unknown said...

Aaaawww, so sorry.....
but what a sweet way to honor and remember her!

Also sorry about the PPD.

Stand strong, my friend.

Really sweet post.

Samantha Sotto said...


Andrew Leon said...

No, no songs. Sometimes I wish there were.

Anonymous said...

I know this feeling, lovely tribute to a special person in your life. Songs help sometimes to remember and if tears come it's good, means we release our emotions.
No song for me but the 9th Symphony of Beethoven, the one played at my granddad funeral. Always with me when I look for silence in my mind.
take care.

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