Monday, July 11, 2011

Not My Daughter You Bitch

There was some debate and concern.....on my part
 as to whether Molly Weasley
would utter these words in the final movie
At the London premier  Julie Walters (the actress who plays Molly) was asked what her favorite line she got to say was and she said....
Not My Daughter You Bitch!
Putting to rest my fear that the line would not be used.
Why do I think it is so important?
Because JK Rowling thought the line was so important that she put the sentence in all bold capital letters.
Because I love Molly Weasley
and this sentence really resonated with me as a mother
Plus Molly is a fierce Mom and it was about time we saw just how fierce she is.

As my daughter said on her tumblr page......
and I quote....
THANK THE LORD AND HEAVEN ABOVE US they didn’t cut the line out because she said bitch. because i know for a fact if they did my own mother would jump up and say it for her, making sure the entire theater heard her. 

And she is right I would have.

Speaking of the movie......
Fandago has stated that Deathly Hallows 2 has sold out over 2,000 showing nationwide. It is also the fastest selling movie of the year.
Locally I know our theater has added additional showings because the other four shows were sold out. And this is for the midnight premiere!
When I called the local theater again.....last week to ask about the 3D glasses
The manager told me all of the shows for Friday and Saturday are sold out.
I hung up and was grateful I got my tickets when I did.
Or I would be very sad today!

At the London premiere JK Rowling said
"Whether you come back by page or by screen. Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home."
This woman is amazing!
And just so you know I cried a little when I typed that quote.
I am that much of a Potter Geek.
Don't judge me

So tonight for dinner my family and I will be eating a Potter inspired meal of
Cottage Pie (Shepherd's pie)
and for desert
A Birthday Cake made to resemble the cake Hagrid made Harry

Have a Magical Monday


Muriel said...

Have you seen the movie yet? I can't wait. everything here seems to be sold out.
I also love Harry Potter, so you are not alone in this.

Jennifer said...

Muriel - No it does not come to American theaters until this Friday July 15th. But I am going to the midnight showing on Thursday well I guess if it is midnight it would actually be Friday. I can not wait!

Unknown said...

hooray! i didn't get tickets so let me know how it is! :)

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