Thursday, July 28, 2011

That is inappropriate!

One of my favorite words is.... inappropriate.
I use it all of the time.....even when the use of the word is inappropriate
I have been told on numerous occasions that I say "inappropriate" too much

But I don't care.

So I thought I would take my love of books and my love for inappropriate and combine them together
Here are some inappropriate book covers

 It looks like E.T. doesn't want your damn letters. I am pretty sure he is giving you the finger.
And his eyes are definitely saying "keep your shit to yourself I don't give an F."
He looks like he is saying "bitch you see what you wrote right here I don't like it"

 I hope this is a parody otherwise....I'm scared
That silhouette looks like the lady on truck mud flaps.
Gynecology should never be down home it should be steril and in a medical type facility.

 I gave this to my Grandmom....she didn't think it was funny.

 Ummmmmmm Really? I am worried about Dr. Charlie Shedd's children.
What is in his hand? Is that a chloroform filled rag?
It's not some much the cover that is inappropriate as it is the title.
If the title was
Men in Turtleneck sweaters are good lovers
then this cover would be fine.

 I am feeling quite certain that he is either a Pedophile or about to get charged with Sexual harassment?
He is also very clumsy.
I think the woman is also maybe dressed a little inappropriate for work or school.

The look on the boys face......priceless.

I swear I cry laughing every time I look at that last one!

Have a very inappropriate day!


Melissa said...

Inappropriate is always appropriate at our house. OK I think that came out not quite right, but anyways - I really hate when every sentence always starts with 'technically' or 'actually' or 'here's my question' and usually there is no question. I once had a boss that always said that and didn't find it funny when I had to say 'Here's my question - What is your question?'. I definitely need the All my friends are dead book!

Thanks for another great post that had my laughing myself to tears!

Muriel said...

Funny post. I couldn't help thinking: do you like to be, from time to time, inappropriate? Am dying to know! have a great week-end!

Unknown said...

OMFG.... so hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been told I am the 'wildly innapropriate friend' in the past by many. I LOVE inappropriate!

This post is heavenly and hilarious!

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