Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Confession

I have a confession to make.......I am not proud of what I am about to say. But it needs to be said.....

 I am a 38 year old Veruca Salt

Okay I said it. I am not proud. It's embarrassing!

I completely place all of the blame on my older siblings!
It's their fault really, not mine! They spoiled me. 

Now let me clarify I don't scream when I don't get what I want.....
Well maybe once but that was a long time ago....when I was in my twenties.
But if I see something that I like I automatically think I should have it. 
I will explain to myself and anyone who will listen, that I work darn hard for my money at I job I HATE!
So therefore I deserve it. 

I bring this up because I have a new obsession 
Hunter Wellies
they are so adorable!
When I told my sister  she said what do you need those for.
I thought for sure she was kidding but then when she didn't laugh or show any indication that she was I realized she was serious. I proceeded to Google Wellies and show her how cute they were. SHe still did not seem as excited as I was. 

The next time it rains I am going to step in every puddle and then catch a horrible cold. Then I will call out of work sick and she will have to do my work.

In the meantime I will just dream about how much dryer my feet would be in a pair of these.


Unknown said...

I have a pair of those in apple green, like the colour on a Nintendo DS. Admittedly I've never worn them... because they're too long for me! xD

Samantha Sotto said...

Ooh! So cute. I like the red ones the most. Adorable!

Unknown said...

I think that women would be better able to comment on the Wellies but they do look good and I wonder if they were tight enough could you go dancing with them on?

Lesa said...

I have four pairs of rainboots and various other pairs of rain shoes-- one pair of rainboots has 2 in wedge heels. It is crucial to have the proper footwear for every contingency-- Get the Wellies!!!


Jennifer said...

Lesa - I am going to order my pair today! You are possitively correct in the need for proper foot wear!

Mike - I think you are my only male blog friend so thanks for your input. I do believe they are very fitting for dancing.....I am no Gene Kelly but just looking at them makes me want to Dance in the Rain.

Lesa said...

Good for you-- April showers will be here soon!

Anonymous said...

Very entertaining! I'm a follower! Thanks for coming by my blog, too!!

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