Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I am not Crazy A message from my 8 year old

The boy -"Mom what do you write about on your blog"

Me -"Oh just stuff about books and life"

The boy -"Can you read me something from it?"

Me -"Sure" (I read my About Me post and my Edgar post)

The boy - a concerned look on his face "You know Mom if you keep writing stuff like that people are going to think you are crazy"

Me - "No they will just think I am weird"
With this he leaves the room and I hear him say to Amber " have you been reading Mom's blog? I am worried about her."

A woman that I work with refers to my son as having an old soul. He is like a little man so sensitive to the world. If you hurt he hurts. His teacher told me that she has never seen a child his age who displays such empathy for his classmates. I worry sometimes that the world will eat him alive........

******I would normally end that sentence with my sweet boy but after seeing The Black Swan and the creepy mother in that movie I have stopped myself from saying that.*******
So for my sons sake I just wanted to let everyone know I am not crazy.....I do not think Edgar my Library Gargoyle talked to me, although I am pretty sure he winked at me once. I don't think someone is going to grab me when I walk past a dark room, I run past dark rooms because I need to exercise not because I am afraid a cold white hand is reaching through the blackness to grab me pulling me into its nightmare......Great now I just scared myself.
So just so we are clear I am not crazy.
Wouldn't want to embarrass the little guy.
More than I already have.


Mysteriousrose said...

Haha good post, very funny. I like your blog and I'm a new follower^^


Samantha Sotto said...

LOL! I have an 8 y.o. too and so I know "that look" very well ;-)

Unknown said...

Ha ha. Crazy's not so bad (have you seen Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland.... sometimes the best of us are). :-)
Anyway, my 12 year old awarded me the most embarrasing person on the planet award today. Hm. Kids. :-)
Great post.

Unknown said...

Very cute. He does sound like he has a very old soul. My 9 year old is very curious about Facebook. Not as much about my blog.

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