Friday, March 25, 2011

I Love Library's

You're thinking...No really? You love libraries? I never would have guessed from the title of your blog.
And I would think.... Wow you're such a smartass. I like you.

My darling dear sweet OLDER (that was uncalled for) sister, my son and I went to a
Library Used Book Sale

It was incredible. There were so many books I could have spent the entire night wandering up and down the stacks reading every title.
Because it was IN a Library there was the added bonus of that wonderful Library Smell.
Scientists have proven that if the scent of a Library is appealing to you than you are destined to be a writer.
Actually that is completely untrue
It just means you are of above average intelligence
That is another lie..... sorry

You know the smell I am talking about....its a mixture of old leather and paper
I intend to figure out a way to infuse that smell into my home library.
I think this would be a great anniversary present next month

I literally could have stayed there until 9pm when it closed
but because I brought "the boy" as we call him with us I felt I had to maintain some sort of parental sense of responsibility and get him home by 8:30
Although he was enjoying himself just as much as I was. He loves books and loves to read and I encourage this passion

I ended up only spending $15
I bought 10 books
The Boy bought 4 books
How amazingly great is that?!
My sister spent a measly $3
she bought 3 Harry Potter Books, 2 recent paperback mysteries and 2 collectible children's stories
pretty darn good

As you can see I brought my camera....
Kasey over at had the wonderfully creative idea of having her family photos taken in a library
That is why I decided to bring my camera a snap a few photos although the other "shoppers" were looking at me like I was crazy...thankfully I am used to that

My sister took this one of me...I hate having my picture taken. Thankfully she is not a very good photographer
and yes that is a giant wrinkle on my forehead...I need to learn to do that airbrush thing

It was a very fun adventure and now the books are safely at home awaiting their spot amongst the rest of my collection.
I will look to feature some of my finds next week because one or two are pretty interesting!


Samantha Sotto said...

Great pics! Looks like you had tons of fun. And I agree - nothing beats that LIBRARY SMELL.:D

Unknown said...

I love the photos.... and I LOVE LIBRARIES, too! So true... great post!

Enbrethiliel said...


What a great day you must have had!

I also love the idea of having family photos taken in a library. I'm sure everyone looking at you as if you're nuts is secretly envious. ;-)

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