Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Legend of the Black Tongue

I have mentioned in a previous post that my children believe that when they tell a lie their tongue turns black.
I started this mysterious legend when my daughter (19) was a little girl. When I had may son  (8)
I continued the tale with the added credibility that his sister firmly believed it to be true.

The legend is that when a child tells a lie their tongue turns black. Only their mother can see the blackness. So if they look in the mirror or consult with a friend or sibling it won't help because only Mom can see the black.

I will tell you how it works

The lying child, which by the way I don't care how good a person or how good a child is they will at some point tell a bold face lie, anyway where was I?
 Oh the little liar will look right at you and tell their tale. If you feel the tale is fiction and not fact.
Give them a chance to tell the truth...."are you lying to me?"
if they answer "gosh no mommy" (yes in my world my children act like the kids in leave it to beaver)
Then say "You are sure about that?"
usually this is answered with adamantly shaking the head NO
Look at them eyes squinted.....as if you are trying to decide and then you say "ok let me see your tongue"

Now comes the magic!

Two things will happen
 1. If a lie was not told the tongue will shoot out of the mouth with confidence and a smug little look will    appear on the childs face.
2. If a lie was told their lips will press firmly together and just the slightest tip of tonue will peek out. Usually the eyes are all squinted in an effort to...... will the tongue to not change color.
If they respond with option 1 I respond according to the tale...so like "you are lucky" if I asked them if they did something they weren't suppossed to do or "it must have been your sister/brother" if a guilty person must exist.
If they reposond with option 2  I usually follow with "that is the blackest tongue I have ever seen" or a simple statement "black" or " just as I suspected.....black" any of these work.
The child will then ramble off fifty reasons why they did what they did and every excuse their little brain can come up with. Punishments are handed out and you can walk away and pat yourself on the back for doing exactly what your child was just punished for......


My daughter now 19 is the worst liar.....honestly in the world. She has so many tells that even though now she doesn't completely believe the black tongue legend, although she still has a bewildered look on her face when she hears the words "let me see your tongue", I can tell when she is lying. I will not expose her tells as she does read this blog....... but they are many!

My dad used to say "you can't bullshit a bullshitter". Which is probably why my children can not pull one over on me. I have been known to tell my own tales.
I exaggerate. I like to say for dramatic effect...like their were 10 police cars. when it was only 2.
I round down when telling people the price of something....it was $100 when it was reall $199.

So to all my fellow fibbers and their children.
Have a Black Tongue free day!


Unknown said...

LOVE it!!!! Trying to remember at what age my 12 year old stopped believing I have eyes in the back of my head (b/c of course most all of my friends are moms and always backed me up!).

Samantha Sotto said...

Haha! Great tip! I must try this with my kiddos. :D

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