Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I'm Having A Blog Identity Crisis

So here is the situation
When I started this blog I saw it as a way to talk about books, which is one of my favorite things to do.
But the truth is I have more fun with the random type posts and I get more hits on those posts then on any of the posts about books.
I think it is because there are so many more established book review type blogs out there
and I am afraid I will never meet the "standards" that have been set in that part of the blogworld.
So that leaves me to this......I am going to try and do it all.
Originally I thought I would just create additional blogs....
A "journal" type blog
A "book" blog
A "writing" blog
but who has time to maintain all of those blogs? Not Me!
So this idea was born as I looked around my makeshift library/mom cave/living room
A Library is filled with many subjects so why can't my blog, which has library in the title, have many subjects?
I am thinking of  changing my blog a little to reflect the many facets of my personality.
I would like to have tabs across the top that I hope will enable me to do posts on various subjects and allow my followers to click on the tabs and read what they want.
For instance I love all things paranormal...I believe in ghosts. I am pretty sure I was haunted as a child. I watch Ghost Hunters as if its a religion. So I would like to have a paranormal tab where you can read and find paranormal information. I also love technology so maybe info on technology or how tos or answers to IT questions could be under the technology tab. Obviously a book tab but less formal recommendations instead of "reviews" just talking to you and not at you about books.
In essence my blog will become a library filled with different subjects and interests.
Does this sound like a good idea?
 To all my current followers does this make sense?
I am really interested in your input so please feel free to comment or send me an email serendipityslibrary@gmail.com
I certainly do not want to disappoint anyone by "misrepresenting" myself.
I really think this is a solution.
Thanks I really do appreciate it!


Unknown said...

I think the idea of diversifying is a great idea. I'd definitely keep coming back. In the end, I think whatever you do should first and foremost make you happy.

Have a great one!


Muriel said...

You should blog about what makes you happy. Just like you, I am struggling to blog about just one thing (e.g parenting), so I just write about my life here. Sometimes it is about London, sometimes about children. I just follow the flow!

Andrew Leon said...

Here's the thing: it's your blog; you can do whatever you want with it. My wife had to tell me that, well, more times than she should have, before it actually sank into my head. Write about what you feel like writing about. Theoretically, my blog is about writing. But it's also about reading. And pop-culture. And broken bones. Okay, hopefully, there won't be more posts about that last one on my blog, but there is one post about that. Unfortunately.

At any rate, I'm all for you writing about all those things. The important thing, more than what you write about, is that you write about it well.

I'm still trying to figure out how to make those tab things work, so kudos for that!


Jennifer said...

Thanks for the comments....I guess I am feeling a little disorganized as my posts were becoming so random in regards to subject that I grew concerned. I do appreciate everyone who responded for their opinion and encouragement. I did set up the tabs so I will see if that helps me feel like I have a better handle on this blog thing. They are very easy to create by the way so if anyone needs help let me know!

Samantha Sotto said...

I think diversifying is a great idea. A blog should reflect your interests and passions, so I personally don't think "random" is a bad thing. I actually believe it keeps the content fresh and interesting. If you enjoy what you write, your readers will too. Keep up the great work! :D

Nikki-ann said...

New reader here!

My blog is kind of a mish-mash. It's mainly book reviews now, but does include the odd photography post as well as other stuff. It's evolved over the years as it originally started off as a personal blog.

Do whateer you want to do. It's your blog and I'm sure your current visitors will keep coming back whatever you do.

Take care and keep blogging! :)

Author Dawn Brazil said...

I think this sounds like an excellent idea. My blog is kinda like that. I had to do some cleaning of it a while ago, too. I didn't have any followers. But after changing it up, I have a few. LOL

Lesa said...

Eclectic is where it's at in my book-- so diversify all you want.

I've toyed with adding tabs to my personal blog to better organize topics but I don't want the tabs to go to a static page.

I finally found a blog that had the layout I wanted-- you might like it too-- she used umbraco to create blogs within a blog. here is the url: http://www.themrs.eu/home.aspx

If you click on any tab, it goes to an active blog page with posts about that topic. I love it and covet it! I'm not tech savvy enough to deal with it now but I bet it would be easy as pie for you-- being an IT gal. Maybe you could post tutorials that even I could follow-- then I wouldn't have to start a separate foodie blog.


Jennifer said...

Lesa I will check that out for sure! And being that part of my job is creating tech documents for users to follow I think I could take that challenge of putting it in "layman's terms". Thanks for the info!

Lesa said...

You are welcome-- can't wait to hear what you think of it. Having such a layout would require a getting a domain, I think. Have you considered getting one? I have but am overwhelmed by all the choices of domain hosts.

Jennifer said...

I did actually go as far as to purchase the domain name serendipityslibrary.com but then couldn't decide on a host so it is just sitting there for now.

Andrew Leon said...

Hmm... if I can't figure the tabs out the next time I sit down to work on it, I may take you up on that :)

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