Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Daughter

My Daughter Amber is a freshman at Pennsylvania State University. I would embarrass her too much if I went into how bad I miss her when she is gone, so I won't.... but I want to. Amber is an avid reader who is complaining because she is soooooooo busy with her classwork that she doesn't have time to read for fun. I know she is looking forward to summer and spending her days laying by the pool and reading. I have been piling the books I have read that I think she will like on top of her bookcase in her room. I know they want to be read by her as much as she wants to read them. Before college we were constantly passing books back and forth. After reading a good book she is the first person I want to tell about it. When she doesn't like the book after reading it......I take away her cell phone until she agrees the book was as amazing as I thought it was....I wish I was kidding. She made me read the twilight books which I referred to as True Blood for teens. She didn't like that assessment so she withheld her amazing hugs until I agreed....see we are both mean!

She comes home this weekend for spring break. Her little brother can not contain his excitement. He informed me this morning that he hopes he doesn't have a spelling test on Friday because he won't be able to concentrate because he is too excited that Amber will be home for a whole week.

I can't wait to see her myself. Our house is very lonely without her electric personality.


Anonymous said...

LOL you guys punish each other if you don't agree on books! That's great.

Laura said...

Oh, I understand! I'm a senior at Southern Oregon University, and over the past four years, it seems millions of books have had to wait til summer for me to read them!

Lesa said...

Aww-- little brothers are so sweet! I am 13 years older than my youngest brother and we have the best relationship!

So cool that you guys are both bookworms-- Have you considered a collaborative blog or an occasional guest post from your daughter?

Jennifer said...

Lesa - Yes! I have already put in a request for her to do a guest post this summer. She said she would do one this weekend when she comes home about the books she has read for her women's studies maybe. Thanks for idea!

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