Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Vampires in Books/Movies

So at this point in my all important opinion Vampires are so over used.
It's sad because I am and have always been a huge vampire fan. Not the vampire as love interest, except Angel from Buffy but hello so hot, but Vampire as monster. When I read a book based on Vampires I like them to follow the general rules of Vampire's which are:

They drink blood
No sun! this is very important. Vampire's do not sparkle. 
Sleep in coffins or some sort of enclosed space
Have fangs! A vampire without fangs is NOT a vampire
Cannot enter a home without being invited
Cannot enter a church
Killed by stake through the heart or beheading

 I am okay with a Vampire who is remorseful or has somehow retained their soul or has a distaste for the kill. I do not however like the brooding type. 
Give me Eric Northman over Bill Compton. 

Actually give me Kurt Barlow from Salem's Lot.

I have written my fair share of Vampire related stories.
But I think its time to put them back in the coffin....... for a little while anyway.

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Samantha Sotto said...

Ooooh. Eric Northman. You made my day :D And, wait, OMG...is that my countdown timer on your sidebar??? Thank you!!! :D

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