Friday, March 18, 2011

Meet Charlotte

You have met Edgar now meet Charlotte. Charlotte is a lovely doll with bisque head, hands and legs. She holds court in my Mom Cave ruling over my treasures when I am not at home.
My children do not find her as lovely as I. In fact it is safe to say that they...fear her. I will admit to exacerbating this fear by ***gasp*** teasing them.

I have been known on occasion to move Charlotte into a dark room and then ask one of my dear children to retrieve something for me from that room.

Their scream of terror as they find dear Charlotte waiting in the dark sends me into a fit of giggles 

Charlotte has also found herself staring forlornly from the top of the stairs. Her sad eyes peeking from between the spindles of the railing. A child racing upstairs to retrieve a forgotten item has been known to gasp before turning and heading back down the stairs desired item forgotten. More elicit giggles from me.

Sometimes when my daughter would go out at night she would return home to Charlotte watching at the window. The moon whispering across her bisque skin making her visible from the front porch.

Knowing that she could neither race up the steps or yelp in fright, as this would wake her sleeping brother, she would instead take the stairs two at a time. Poking her head into my bedroom she would whisper "You're mean" 

The truth is Charlotte is a very nice doll. I bought her on a trip to Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania. I saw her in a doll shop window and just loved her crackled aged patina. To me she looks like a well loved toy lost or given away by her original owner. I like to imagine that she belonged to a little girl who carried her to church or out shopping with her mother. Maybe they had tea parties where Charlotte ate imaginary cakes with her porcelain front teeth.

I view her as a wonderful addition to my collection of treasures.
My children view her as...........


****Amber if you are reading this. You aren't even safe from Charlotte while you are away at school****
bwahahahahahahahaha....***that's my evil laugh*****


Samantha Sotto said...

Um, okay. These were not the right pics to look at before bedtime... ;D

amberjudith said...

Okay first off I would like to point out that I only made one of these to comment on this post. I am EXTREMELY mad at you. You tell me to check this because there is something that I would like on it, so after class I ran over to the computer lab to check. And low and behold, I see this pop up on my screen. The people that are beside me are shocked for life and will probably never recover from seeing those pictures. We are in a fight. I'm driving home just to break that doll. You suck.
I still love you though :)

Anonymous said...

I love this!!! You are a girl after my own heart:) Fantastic blog. I am now a follower.

Lesa said...

hahhahahaaah--- too funny!! and a mom after my own heart too!! My Nanny used to take down her bun and pretend to be a witch! My Mom sings 'dem bones' and chases us like a skeleton. And I scare my little boy-- he has asked me to stop!

mommykm4 said...

LOL, I'm glad I know you because this is that much more funnier to me. I remember a story of your sweet little girl breaking a special doll of yours years ago. Is this your way of payback? LOL

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