Thursday, March 3, 2011


Meet Edgar. He is my Library Gargoyle. I found him one day sitting in the Lawn and Garden section of a home improvement store. Can you believe that? He looked so sad because he thought it was so obvious that he belonged among books and not out in the grass with the bugs and the mud. The thought of sitting outside shivering in the snow or soaking in the rain was very depressing. He didn't even want to think about the possibility of heaven forbid while sitting on the lawn that he be mistaken for a doggy urinal. Yuk :(

Don't you just Love his Smile?

He was lucky I was there that day to realize his true calling. Protector of the books and future library ***hint hint (Chris if you are reading)***. So I brought him home with me. He doesn't mind that occasionally he is moved from his favorite spot to participate in various battles with my son, as long as its indoors of course. He watches over my precious growing collection of vintage books with as much intensity as his brothers guarding Notre Dame Cathedral in France.

I know he looks harmless but he has a real mean side when sticky fingers reach out to touch the delicate leather covers of which he was destined to protect.

Everyone should have an Edgar!


Anonymous said...

I need a gargoyle for my library! I hadn't even thought about one until I saw yours. I think I'll name mine Heidegger.

Melissa said...

I totally want/need an Edgar! I must search one out for myself. The funny thing is my kids wouldn't even be surprised by a small, grinning gargoyle showing up on my bookshelf. I think they would prefer this over Charlotte too:)

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