Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Big Green Monster

Yes friends I am talking about jealousy.
Don't pretend that you have never felt the heat of envy.
Trust me you can say you haven't until you are blue in the face but no one believes you.

I will honestly admit to being very jealous of my published blog friends.
I think its a natural reaction!
I would like to be published someday and their success is like a little ray of hope
but somedays when I can't seem to put a thought together 
I feel that green monster tapping me on the shoulder

I am not mean jealous like wishing someone harm or failure
I am the damn it I wish it was me jealous

I will also admit to being jealous of people who are lucky
You know
 that person who always seems to fall in a shit hole and come out with a new suit?
People like that drive me crazy!

Most days I am quite content with my status in life
I love my family
my children are happy
and healthy
I hate my job but I at least have a job
I live in a nice house in a nice neighborhood

But somedays I say "Golly Gee Wilikers I wish that was me?"
yeah right!
Actually its more like "Why the ham and cheese can't that be me?"
Alright fine its more like "Wahhhhh sniff cry Why the F can't that be me?"

Today I would like to say to all of my awesome first time published blog friends.....
Screw you I hate you all!

Just kidding
Thanks for sharing your road to publication with us
Somedays I am green with envy
But most days you give me hope!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!


Kelley said...

I totally get jealous feelings. Especially writing jealousy. It's really hard to squelch, but then I think that I'd want someone to be amazingly happy for me (WHEN it happens for, so I try to squash it.

From your newest follower, follower #101, I might add. YAY

Liz Schulte's Blog said...

I love your blog and can't wait for your book! It will happen.

Andrew Leon said...

I love how honest you are. I may even do my own pet peeve post, at some point, because I love your so much.

And, yes, I hate those lucky people. I had a friend in college who -always- had all the good stuff happen to him. It was sickening. It throws the universe out of balance, you know.

Unknown said...

So true!

When the kids are back in school, we need to work on keeping each other 'honest' with our work!

You're awesome, have a great night!

Muriel said...

I totally agree. But Jennifer, it will be our turn soon...

Samantha Sotto said...

It.WIll.Happen. I have faith in you, my friend :D

(And yes, I know Greeny WELL...)

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