Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Charlotte and Scary Dolls Inc.

Charlotte's attempts and making friends with Christopher have led to much disappointment. 
Although she and Perry are now great friends his influence has not helped.
She hated to give up but found solace in the knowledge that at least he no longer seemed to fear her.

One night while the family slept she went online to check her facebook account.
And was surprised to have received a message.

Charlotte replied immediately feeling so happy that maybe she finally found someone to help her with her creepiness problem. 

She waited patiently checking her facebook and email whenever the family wasn't home.
Finally she received an email
It said

Dear Charlotte,
Thank you for contacting us. We look forward to meeting with you so that we can rid you of your problem. Please let us introduce ourselves.

I am Matilda. I was bought from an antique shop. I have no memory of what my life was before I ended up in the home I live now. My human family is cruel. The mother uses me to scare her children and as a halloween prop.

I am Tempest. My eye was destroyed when the boy in my human family poured bleach in it while pretending to be a surgeon. He was no surgeon and had no right to play that he was! What the hell surgeon uses bleach anyway? I mean my God! Sorry anyway I can only see out of the one eye now.
I am Madeye Margaret. I am the president of the group. My eye was damaged when some unthinking adult allowed me to be played with by a baby. What is it with a human baby's fascination with poking at dolls eyes? Its grotesque and a little scary!
This is Sally she is a mute and communicates with no one but me.
Please email us back with your address and when we can meet.

Scary Dolls Inc.

Charlotte sent an email back giving the group her address and the best time to visit.
When the group arrived she was a little nervous at how they would react to her. 
Would they let her join?

They seemed very nice but Charlotte had a strange feeling in the pit of her stomach.

She decided to have Perry meet the dolls so she could get his opinion.
He did not like them very much so he thought it would be best to keep an eye on them during their stay.

Charlotte took the dolls inside and gave them a place to rest for the night. 
Morning would come soon and after the family left for the day she hoped they would begin to help her in her pursuit of non creepiness.

The dolls had other plans.
They were not here to help her rid herself of the problem of being creepy.
They were here to get rid of the boy.
The dolls thought he was the problem not Charlotte.

They crept into his room while he slept.
Each doll waiting for Madeye Margaret's instructions.

Perry sensing his master was in danger stormed into the room and took the dolls down.
Christopher woke briefly and reaching from his bed to pet the head of his trusted friend before falling back to sleep.
He would wake in the morning and think it was all a dream.

Perry chased the dolls from the house and went to find Charlotte.

Charlotte was so upset and she tried to explain to Perry that she was only trying to get help.
Perry warned her to never bring danger into this house again.
It is his job to keep the boy safe and he will not let anyone.....including her hurt him.


I hope you enjoyed this episode of Charlotte the Creepy Doll!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday

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Liz Schulte's Blog said...

Bahahaha Love it so much. Hilarious.

Andrew Leon said...

You know, you should really do a series of picture books about that doll.

Muriel said...

That doll is creepy! Thanks for another funny post.

Unknown said...

Most unusual post I've seen.
Congradulations on your creativity.

Kelley said...

Guess who's frightened? lol

Julie Flanders said...

Ha ha, this made me laugh out loud. I was also totally creeped out by the dolls on Christopher's bed LOL. Glad Perry came to the rescue. :D

Jennifer said...

Sorry Kelly
Thanks everyone

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