Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I am magical

In case you have forgotten
I love Harry Potter!
So Amber and I have been trying to get into the early Pottermore access.
Basically you have seven days (July 31 - Aug 6th) to answer a hard ass Potter question
Find the Magical Quill on the page
And then you are one of the lucky 1,000,000 people to get beta access before the release in October
Here is the thing though they don't tell you what time registration opens.
On the first day it was 4 am Eastern time
On the second day it was 5 am Eastern time
For two days we were tortured with the message that 
Day 1 Registration is now closed
and then
Day 2 Registration is now closed
We were losing hope and not feeling very magical
Desperate we turned to the internet for answers and found that we were not alone in our
desire to know the registration time for day 3

There was speculation that the 3rd day would be 3 am Eastern time
Well guess what it was 6 am Eastern time and we Got IN

And the questions was...... In Harry's third year at Hogwart's in the Quidditch match against Slytherin how many points was Slytherin beating Gryffindor before Harry caught the snitch? 
Then multiply that by 35.
After you figured out the answer you had to go to the
 following address 
2100 being the answer to the question.

Once there you have to find the Magical Quill 
after you find it 
you get this message

you have a choice of I think 4 user names 
the boy is BladeHowl
I am RoseFang
Amber is Moonstonepixie

Now we are all in and can not wait to see the awesomeness that will be Pottermore!

Hope you have a Terrific Tuesday!


Unknown said...

gosh, how do you sleep at all????


LOVE your names!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laura said...

I have another friend who mentioned Pottermore awhile ago, and now I'm wondering if she's tried to get beta access as well!

This sounds like a lot of fun! Congrats on being magical! :)

Jennifer Hillier said...

Holy cow! That's great! I would not have known the answer to that question. Congrats on getting early access to Pottermore!

Jennifer said...

Thanks! Everyone needs something to get excited about.

Laura let your friend know that supposedly Thursday the time will be 8 am eastern Friday the time will be 9 am eastern and Saturday 10 am eastern.

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