Thursday, August 25, 2011

On the Way to Cape May

 On Sunday we piled in the car and headed for the shore.
My sister has a beach house in North Wildwood that she usually rents out
but it was empty so she was like come down
and you don't have to ask me twice!
She was also kind enough to let us bring Perry
This was his first car ride (long distance)
We weren't sure if he would be able to handle it
But he did.....for the most part

Once he calmed down
He fell asleep

 My niece told me about this great iPhone app called Instagram and I Love it
That's what I used for the top two photos
I am a pretty mean Mom so because Amber is stuck at Penn State
classes started Monday
and we got to go down the shore
I sent her the above photo with the message "the ocean says Hi!"
She texted back You're Mean
Which I guess I am
 One of my favorite things to do is search for sea glass.
Its not easy to come by or at least from my experience
but someone suggested Sunset Beach in Cape May
Lucky for me Cape May is a only about 20 minutes from where we were staying
 I didn't have much luck with the beach glass search but the weather was beautiful
and the beach was gorgeous
It had a pebble and sand mixture and some of the stones were so white and smooth from being in the ocean
So I collected a few of those
The little part of Cape May id really quite lovely
and I believe we will return the next time we are invited down
I am eager to see the Flag Ceremony
you all know how I feel about the flag
Here is the information from their website

Flag Ceremony...The Evening Flag Ceremony is a 40 year Tradition at
Sunset Beach
When visiting Cape May and Sunset Beach, be sure to leave at least one night open to join us for our evening flag ceremony held daily in season (May through September). We are immensely proud of this tradition which has been a staple of our area for over 40 years. All of the flags that we fly at our mast are veterans' casket flags that have been donated by the families. We are honored to fly them here at Sunset Beach. There is nothing as thought provoking than to watch the sun set over the Delaware Bay while taps plays and Old Glory is lowered for the evening. If you have not experienced this emotionally moving tradition, we invite you to be a participant in this celebration of being an American.

Sounds like something that would be an experience to remember.

It was while sitting on the deck of The Sunset Grille that we felt the Earthquake
We didn't know it was an Earthquake we just thought it was people moving around on the deck
It wasn't until later when I spoke with Amber that I found out it was in fact an Earthquake
......I feel like I said Earthquake too many times.....
so lets move on

Back at Wilwoods beach
I buried the boy and left him for the crabs to nibble on

Actually I left him down there for the rest of the week with his Aunt Judy
while I had to come back to work :(
My house is so empty with no children calling for Mom
But I am enjoying the peace and quiet!

So what adventures do you have planned to finish out the summer?


Muriel said...

Have a great time!

Andrew Leon said...

What, exactly, is sea glass? I've never heard of that.

Although I'm glad to be rid of mine sometimes, it's really hard to endure the silence of not having them around.

Unknown said...


My summer is finished already. My girls went back to school. Well, for the Baby it was her first time to go. So... I've spent the week oscillating between bawling (my baby's growing up!) and celebrating that I do have a quiet house for the first time in four years... (drunken parties, lunches, movies, ... you get the idea!).

Jennifer said...

Andrew - sea glass is glass from the sea....silly.

Andrew Leon said...

But... but... where does it come from? Broken bottles of pirate rum?

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