Friday, August 26, 2011

The Hurricane is coming!!!

With Irene set to hit the east coast 
They have forced an evacuation at the Jersey Shore
so the boy is on his way back home with my sister
I will feel better once I have him under my roof and I know he is safe
Its killing me that Amber is so far away
I made her super promise to be extremely careful and follow all the instructions the school sets out
Since it seems like its going to hit us pretty hard I have done what any normal human being 
would do to prepare for an emergency

Did I go out and stock up on non perishable food?
Did I go out and stock up on gallons of water?
Did I go out and buy batteries and flashlights and candles?

I did however go out and stock up on books
I mean a girl needs something to entertain herself when the rain is slamming against the windows right?

I bought:
The Woman in Black

I am all ready for the storm!


Julie Flanders said...

I hope your little guy and your sister get back quickly and safely! Take care and I hope you all will be safe.

Great disaster kit too, enjoy the books! :)

Miranda said...

My family bought batteries, have our flashlights ready, and put all our lawn furniture in our shed. As for non-perishable food and gallons of water.. we skipped that whole part. haha bring it on Irene!

Anonymous said...

Hope you are all safe and ready to face the Hurricane - Praying all will be ok . Enjoy the books!

Unknown said...

Stay safe! Read away!

Muriel said...

Stay safe Jennifer! I happen to be in New York and all is OK so far...Fingers crossed.

Jennifer said...

Thanks everyone. We made it through.

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