Monday, August 15, 2011

We Are Penn State

Last week was crazy getting Amber all packed so that she could go back to college.
On saturday we drove the four long hours to Penn State.
For some reason this year feels harder to let her go.
I think its because I know that every year I am closer to loosing her altogether.
I know I won't be really loosing her but she will move out and live her life away from me.
I want this for her. I was her age when I had her and so I obsess about her living a fabulous life. 
Not that my life wasn't fabulous it just wasn't easy.....and I want her to experience things I couldn't.

Amber and I are not friends.
I don't think you can be friends with your children.
I think its confusing to them when you have to play the parent role.
Plus I have my own friends and she has hers.
But we do enjoy each others company.
I genuinely like her and not just because she is mine.
She honestly is the only person on this planet who truly gets me.
She does not judge my weirdness.
I think its from the years we spent just the two of us.
I know every move she is going to make before she makes it.
And she has the same ability with me.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am a very tough/strict Mom.
I don't put up with any Shenanigans
I'd like to think that is why my children are so well behaved and respectful.
I however can not stay angry for long with my kids.
I could be ranting and raving one minute and after I am done.
My point made
Punishments handed out
I can then have a conversation about how funny Bridesmaids was or if I plan on watching Trueblood.
Thats the real beauty of our relationship.....forgiveness and love.

Anyway there is some sadness in my heart right now as I adjust to life without Amber again.
I hate wishing days away but I can't help but look forward to Thanksgiving when she will come home.
And we can sit on her bed and she can make me watch ridiculous youtube videos and insist on reading me things off of Tumblr even though she knows I HATE when people insist on reading to me when I can read myself.

So for now Penn State you better take good care of my baby
or else you will feel my wrath!


Andrew Leon said...

I want to have something deep and profound to say here, but I just don't. I'm not looking forward to those days when they arrive for me. It's hard enough that my middle child is (unexpectedly) becoming a middle schooler this year (we just found out that they are bumping him ahead a year).

Muriel said...

You are ahead of me Jennifer! I don't know how it will be when my little one leaves. I guess it is just what life is about. Anyway, I have given you a bit of a challenge on my blog, I hope that you will like it. Hello from London!

Rachel Brooks said...

It must be hard to watch your kids grow up and have to say goodbye. Hang in there!

Also, I’m a new follower— wonderful blog (I love your comment bunny)! Stop by my blog and follow me too? :)

Unknown said...

Oh, so sweet!
I am a terribly sentimental mama and I think I will lose it when my oldest goes off to college! it's crazy enough to me that she'll turn 13 soon!

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