Thursday, August 11, 2011

Poe's ghost is haunting me

I love Edgar Allan Poe.
My library gargoyle "Edgar" is obviously named after him.
I am pretty sure my english teachers were tired of reading about him because every report I did was on his life or his work.

So of course when we took a day trip to Baltimore Maryland.....its was shark week and
the boy loves sharks!

We had to make a stop at Westminster Hall and burial ground.
The final resting place of Poe.

The cemetery is very old and if you are creepy and weird like me then you love old cemetaries.
There is something about the old headstones with their sad epitaphs.
This particular cemetery is supposedly haunted
We didn't see any ghosts but Amber did catch one on her camera.
At least thats what we think it is......or at least thats what we are saying it is!

So the reason for my title of this post is because after Amber took this picture I somehow knocked down the bottle and two stones. So Amber said "Now Poe is going to follow you home and haunt you" and I said....."That would be epic!"

 As soon as you enter the cemetery you are met with this beautiful monument to Poe. 
This is actually where he is buried. 
The cemetery moved him from his original burial location.

 This is the site of his original burial location. 

 Throughout the cemetery are beautiful old Mausoleums. Cracked from age and the weather. 
I find them even more enchanting. I loved the faces on the front of this one.
So many little crevices and alleyways. I could have spent all day wondering around reading each stone. But alas it was not to be because after all it was shark week so we had to go see the sharks!



Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing these photos. It was very interesting.
Is it true that the museum is in financial difficulty?

Muriel said...

I too love Edgar Poe. I don't know why, but I like his meticulous and morbid investigations.
I didn't know where he was buried, so thanks for the pictures. I am glad that you had a great time!

Andrew Leon said...

But... but... if they moved his body, how will he pull his little bell rope if he wakes up and wants out?

Undine said...


Yes, the Baltimore Poe House will probably close soon, if private donors aren't found for the place. The city just doesn't have the money to keep it open. Sign of the times.

Liz Schulte's Blog said...

The pictures are great. I love Poe and I like cemeteries too. Great post, makes me want to read the Raven.

Creepy Query Girl said...

I used to hang out in cemetaries as a teenager and read books. There was no other place quite as peaceful and that put me in the right mood for imagination.

Unknown said...

Lucky day trip!
Sad about the museum.
Great pics!

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